Phoebe Ryan is the pretty green haired girl who has been quickly gaining momentum online and there’s a handful of signs that tell us she might just become the next Lights.

Phoebe Ryan has become a favourite go-to artist for many who still love pop but appreciate a more somber sound than the classic top 40 song. Although she’s a new face she has quickly become recognizable in recent months, being one of the girls NYLON loves to support.

Phoebe Ryan in many ways reminds us of Canadian singer LIGHTS – not only because they have similar vocal tones and production but because of the way fans really gravitated towards them for being the “normal” and alternative pop star they can identify with. Phoebe Ryan could potentially become a major player in a pop industry filled with predictability. Like LIGHTS, Phoebe Ryan is beautiful, talented and has the potential to move in any direction because she hasn’t moved too far from the beginning stages of her career.