Music Review | The New W. Darling EP is Going To Cause A WildFire.
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Hooked Instantly.

W. Darling has that icy cool Imogen Heap vocal style, with the vibrant animalistic energy of the Nevada desert. The LA based singer is originally from Canada, but is showing the American market a fresh and altogether freeing new sound from the usual fair. You can’t resist wanting more after listing to her debut EP Lost Girls: Chapter 1.

Asides from her solo project that’s defining her as a legitimate artist amongst other acts such as Halsey, Ryn Weaver and Lana Del Rey – W. Darling has some serious credibility behind her as a songwriter, having written songs for huge artists including Cody Simpson and Victoria Justice.

With Chapter 1 being such a sure fire success, it’s an invite to every single listener to eagerly anticipate Chapter 2. We personally can’t wait until the expected release date in August. If you’ve ever wondered what a good hook sounds like, without completely selling out as an artist – well it sounds like “Night Like This”. Some artists can tend to over do it when it comes to vocals, or sell themselves a little too short by being too minimalistic. W. Darling shows strength, poise and clarity with her vocal restraint and imaginative lyrics. Special mention to the music production, which is wonderfully complimentary.

W. Darling

There’s some obvious world music influences in “Hunting Happiness”. The lazy style vocals transport you to a slowly rolling hammock by the sea, whereas Learn to Love makes you want to pack your bags and take on an adventure in the wilderness.

As W. Darling embarks on her journey to the next chapter, we’re looking forward to hearing and seeing a whole lot more of her in the coming months, with some big projects in the works. Having already performed as support to sold out shows at Madison Square Garden and Red Rocks, this girl should be on your radars as we think she’s going to be ready to headline very soon.

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