It’s here – the video that people have been talking about all week. Wildest Dreams premiered during the VMA’s tonight and it was worth all the buzz!

In Wildest Dreams Taylor Swift looks glamorous and inspired by Old Hollywood. The video is beautifully shot and really compliments the lyrical imagery, creating a complete African love story with Scott Eastwood in less than 4 minutes. Taylor Swift has taken a completely different direction following her recent video for hit song Bad Blood and to be honest it’s nice to see the focus being on her and the music and not her entourage of famous girlfriends (unfortunately she dragged them out again to premiere the video at the VMA’s tonight…). We think this is so far the best video from the 1989 so far! Let us know whether you thought was it a hit or miss?

Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams Music Video Premieres At VMA's 2015 | Watch
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