Tori Kelly bounced right off the MMVA’s stage to promote her debut album around North America. Her new video Should’ve Been Us is definitely different from what you’re probably expecting from the pop’s new ‘It’ girl. 

Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly has been busy touring and promoting over the past few months for the massive build up to her debut album release Unbreakable Smile. After her single Nobody Love literally blew up overnight, everyone wanted to know who that cool girl with a sassy attitude and some major vocal chops was!

Tori Kelly showcases a mixture of RnB and hip hop influence in her new video. Her cool graffiti alley street style is one to check out and she’s also managed to find time to connect with her audience and feature some fans in the video!

Should’ve Been Us has a more serious tone than her last single but retains the classic Tori Kelly hooks on a very British sounding production. Don’t be disappointed though ’cause her pretty and powerful high vocals kick in just in time for the choruses!

This is definitely a brave move to go for a more fun and carefree video, rather then the super high production value that we have seen in recent years from new artists such as Ariana Grande who shares the same manager with Tori Kelly – Scooter Braun.