Here is our favourite albums of 2015 that have really made an impact and will be remembered!

Canadian artists have had a huge year being nominated for many awards and having released some truly respectable and buzz worthy albums in 2015! From pop to indie and the dominating world of hip-hop so many Canadian artists are topping the charts and creating a new sound that is becoming applauded internationally. Here is our favourite albums of 2015 that have really made an impact and positive impression on fans worldwide.

canadian artist of 2015


The Weeknd is the mysterious Toronto rapper that has now had so many hits we can’t quite keep track. The singer, who has a dark melancholic sound is perfectly living in beauty and misery, and has created one of the most powerful albums of the year. Although The Weeknd’s album is a commercial success it remains unique and artsy. Somehow, he’s managed to maintain his cool image and values as an artist while sitting comfortably at the top of the charts. With major hits last year including “The Hills”, “Can’t Feel My Face”, “In The Night” and Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack hit “Earned It” all being on the one album – Beauty Behind the Madness was undeniably phenomenal. We haven’t even mentioned the A-list features from Ed Sheeran, Lana Del Rey and Labrinth yet!


the weeknd


The young Canadian artist was the “Life Of The Party” from the second fans heard this debut track! Becoming one the big players in the pop scene the talented singer/songwriter has had hits such as “Stitches” and “Something Big” stuck in our head for the past year, all of which were from his debut album Handwritten. He isn’t slowing down with his new track ” I know What You Did Last Summer” alongside Camilla Cabello (from Fith Harmony) and we can’t wait to hear even more releases and possible collabs in the New Year.



The beautiful French Canadian has mesmerized people all around the world with her newest album Roses with her delicate mysterious tone and catchy simple hooks. Coeur De Pirate has done brilliantly with this release, having included the perfect balance of French and English tracks that compliment each other perfectly – whether you speak only one of the languages or both! We adore this album and recommend you buy it immediately and listen to Carry On!

coeur de priate


Some say Justin Bieber never really went away while some say this is his comeback album – regardless of what you belieb this album is the first release from the Canadian that really demonstrates a more mature sound and his inner struggles. The singer who seems to have found his Purpose in the process of working on this release can really be heard through the brightness and faith in the his attitude and tone. With features from Travis Scott, Halsey and Big Sean there is something for everyone on Justin’s album from commercial hits to production masterpieces, piano ballads and of course straight up radio hits but somehow they magically all glue together resulting in a flowing and concrete album. Give Justin’s Purpose album a listen and you might be pleasantly surprised, if you weren’t a fan before you will be now!

purpose album review


Toronto band Kids in Despair are the underdog everyone in Canada can count on to do us proud when it comes to indie garage pop! With aggressive production and vocal distortion their catchy tracks offer no escape to your mind (even in your sleep!). With an 80’s inspired powerhouse vocalist like Kara and the stage presence of her teammate Bobby all of their gritty, dirty double entendre laden songs come to life on stage complete with mind blowing visuals. New Emotion is one of our favourite tracks released this year and is one of our favourite concept albums with big songs like Bong Song, I Wish I was Your Cigarette and Stoned On The School Bus. Their cover of “I Want You To Know” by Selena Gomez earned international attention from hit producer ZEDD!



This hometown boy is leading the hip hop scene with his unique production and mixture of aggressive and beautiful vocal takes. Kardinal no doubt created an album that will be remembered as a classic with some truly anthemic songs that could wake the most icy of business men in town. Songs like One Dream Away, Baby It’s You and To Kill A Shadow take you exactly where Kardinal’s been and where he wants to be going. Kardinal Gras Volume 1 The Clash is one to add to your collection because it won’t be forgotten .



W.Darling’s latest Ep Lost Girls Chapter 2 is truly something big. The singer with a vision has the voice of an angel is simply an incredible artist. The Canadian musician seems to transport us to a different world where everything makes your heart beat to the speed of light while the visuals move in slow motion (Hollywood style!). With her debut Ep Chapter 1 released earlier this year and Chapter 2 completing the missing pieces to the puzzle and story we can’t help but think that W.Darling is going to become one of your favourite artists of the new year 2016 after giving her album a listen. With cinematic, ethnic, indie pop production and powerful choruses such as Skeletons and Nights Like These – this girl is hands down the real deal.

w.darling chapter 2


Drake tells it how it is. He’s the biggest rapper in the world and that comes with the glitz and glam and heck of a lot of shit and enemies. His album released at the beginning of 2015 If You’re Reading This Its Too Late gets deep into the hip hop scene and his life in the fast lane. With references to almost every corner of Toronto aka The 6 and song titles that ring a bell to most locals it’s incredible how well this album translates to people from all parts of the world. This album was darker, more experimental and a piece to add to your collection along with the viral sensation Hotline Bling.  Drake has stood out as something more than just a rap star with this album making his ever rare commercial tracks even more special.



Hedley said Hello towards the end of 2015 and their album is not about to say goodbye. The jam packed hit album is probably one of the best pop releases of the year. During our interview with the band it was clear that doing tracks that would make people dance and have a good time is exactly what the band wanted with this release. This is the most uptempo albums since their debut but don’t be disappointed there are still some strong epic classic Hedley ballads on here such as “The Knife”. If you’re attending a party you can be sure to be hearing Hedley playing non stop with tunes like “Sympathy” “Alive”and  “Quit” having just the right amount of boogie and magic to make that office hookup come true this New Year 2016.

hedley hello album


Alessia Cara has quickly blown up the internet and our phones with her anti party track “Here” and is probably THE breakout of artist of 2015! The Brampton, Ontario native discusses issues we’ve all been through at one point or the another with her rich, mature RnB vocal tone that uncannily resembles Amy Winehouse. Unlike many debut pop albums this one is far from what you’d expect from a 17 year old. There are beautifully written tracks and high end timeless production that won’t go out of style. Alessia Cara is the next big thing to come from Canada and if her alternative vision and style brings her similar success to pop punk rebel Avril Lavigne she will be in for a long career. Some other must listen tracks include “I’m Yours” “Scars To Your Beautiful” and “Overdose”.




Carly Rae Jepsen takes us back to the 80’s with magically seductive tracks such as “Run Away With Me” and her album overall is an absolute hit hands down from A to Z. If you want pop you can count on the queen of catchy hit “Call Me Maybe” to provide you with these insanely iconic anthems.  Emotion is mature and although 80’s production can become overwhelming the production remains slick and modern – and with Carly Rae’s polished vocals there is no questioning this release. The Canadian from British Columbia knows just how to make us dance, cry, laugh and smile and she made a huge comeback in 2015 with her video for I Really Like You (alongside Tom Hanks!) that demonstrated just how great and adorable she is.

carly rea