Sit back and hold on tight cause shy kids will rocket you to candy land in their latest video for Ⓡ o c k e t s!


shy kids are a local Toronto band who have a story to tell and if you’re not into listening these days then this band will blow your minds with their video for “Ⓡ o c k e t s”. The indie rock band take you on a roller coaster of feelings during “Ⓡ o c k e t s” from their awesomely lazy breathy verses to their energetic breakthrough choruses.

What you don’t expect is to see the entire lyrics and story come to life in an urban pop culture setting made out of over 300 different kinds of candy from around the world. Don’t be fooled though, you hear all the time about artists and bands trying to take on the role of video directing when really they should have just stuck to music. The band shy kids however have proven themselves to be talented in many different fields and you can really tell they know a thing or two about visual arts! Even in the midst of being focused on their music in 2013 they premiered a rockumentary called Noah that received critical praise from Vice (an accomplishment in itself) and won best short film at TIFF the same year!

Musicians, filmmakers, roommates and best friends – shy kids need to be on your radar because unlike many indie bands in this town they won’t be leaving a sour taste. Their album Lofty! was named in tribute to their Kensington Market loft apartment where they made the album and debut music video for the first single. It is highly produced and incorporates various influences in an organic collective way that really allow every single instrument and vocal soak and absorb you further into their world.