Music Review | Ryn Weaver Headlines CMW Showcase in Toronto
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There were big expectations for Ryn Weaver’s first visit in Canada and she did not disappoint.

Ryn Weaver is the girl that has been plucked from obscurity and developed by producer Benny Blanco in New York City. Benny Blanco is of course the man behind some of today’s biggest hits including Ke$ha’s Tik Tok & Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream amongst many other pop classics. There’s not many people that have as much buzz and mystery surrounding them as Ryn Weaver does – as a result it’s fair to expect a lot from her music & live performance.

Also on the bill included Toronto band Kids In Despair who were a highlight from the night and will be the band to watch over the coming months – of that we have no doubt. Lead singer Kara & synth player brother Bobby were supported by a tight rhythm section. The set was complete with smoke machines, choreographed dance moves and live actors! Kara was mesmerising and demanded everybody’s attention throughout the set – she showcased her powerhouse vocals and proves she can sing and compete with the best artists around today.IMG_0185

She essentially issued a challenge to other Toronto artists, who should probably take note and learn a thing or two by going to see them perform. The attitude created during the set reminded us of many a punk gig lock in – the kind where the floors become increasingly sticky as the night goes on.

You could feel the excitement build as Ryn’s backing band set up their equipment just before stage time. She hasn’t played that many live shows as of yet – so being here and seeing her live on her first Canadian trip was a big deal. It turns out that Ryn Weaver is a very believable performer and has a big voice, it’s unique in the same way that Ellie Goulding is – with the expressive pop vibrato. She ran through some of the upcoming songs on her album including title track The Fool and our favourite Stay Low. Stay Low is a nod to Lily Allen’s early days and has a gritty realistic London street sound.


There was an air of slick professionalism from Ryn’s backing band that is typical of many American pop artists – the synth player in particular played his part brilliantly. Ryn shared our picture of her mid-action on her social media after exchanging a couple of tweets about her performance!

The set ended with a thunderous version of OctaHate – the song that was recently featured on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians & performed on David Letterman. There were generous amounts of audience interaction and eye contact throughout the performance in this intimate club setting, ensuring everybody left the venue happy either as a confirmed fan or a new fan. We personally can’t wait for Ryn Weaver to return to Toronto in August, where she’ll be headlining The Garrison on August 4th.

Ryn’s debut album entitled “The Fool” will be released on June 16th 2015! Pre-order here now.


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