Music Review | VELD Music Festival 2015 - A Total Toronto Washout.
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Downsview Park was the venue for what turned out to be a total Toronto summer wash out.

Every year VELD Music Festival is billed as Canada’s go-to dance music festival, not only because of its great lineups but mostly because of the association with hometown super-producer deadmau5. This year though the weather ruined the fun.

It’s important to remember that unfortunately the event organisers can’t help Toronto’s highly volatile summer weather, and they made a judgement call to delay Saturday’s proceedings and to eventually call off the festival entirely the following day. This was hugely disappointing to the mass of fans waiting to see artists including Hardwell + more. What they could have done however is made shelter provisions for the weather – Toronto’s summer storms are nothing new. Fans were told to stay away from metal railings and poles etc as severe weather warnings for lightening swept through the Greater Toronto Area. Festival heads were left highly frustrated and angry at the lack of correspondence regarding potential refunds and were already irritated due to the terrible organisation and over zealous security on the way in (can’t imagine why…). To give you more of an idea, hashtags on social media included “GoodLuckWithVeld2016” and “WorstWeekendEver”. Fans will now get a partial 40% refund on tickets for Sunday’s cancellation.

On Saturday fans did get to see a few artists including cake-throwing Steve Aoki and a long set from deadmau5 where he treated everybody to a medley of hits including our new favourite ‘Seeya’ featuring Colleen D’Agostino. Joel kept the crowd entertained during a mid-set break in typical deadmau5 fashion with a few light hearted jokes and a dose of his infamous trolling. The crowd was loving it as he grabbed a beer with Left Shark – a gimmick he pulled at Glastonbury earlier this summer.

Deadmau5’s set was the highlight of the festival this year and we’re disappointed we missed out on many of the other great artists scheduled to perform. We’d go back next year to give it another go but there’s many others that will think twice following this year’s ultimately disappointing event.