Music Review: BADLANDS by Halsey
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One of the most anticipated albums of the year just dropped and fans across the globe are totally absorbed into Halsey’s world. The release of BADLANDS will transport fans directly inside her mind.

If you were to name the biggest and most exciting breakout star of 2015, it’d probably be Halsey. She’s gained a hardcore set of fans following a successful EP Room 93 that has taken her to the next level where she’s opened for Imagine Dragons and The Weeknd at the biggest festivals. Not only that, she sells out her own solo shows pretty much instantly. The blue haired singer songwriter has finally released her debut album BADLANDS and with the elaborate promo, unique and imaginative packaging – everyone couldn’t wait to hear this release.

As far as vocals go on BADLANDS, Halsey has a very dark melancholic tone whilst maintaining an almost dreamy breathy lilt. Many have compared her sound as somewhere between Ellie Goulding and Lorde, although her production remains much less commercial and more alternative. Halsey has been promising her fans to only be honest and with that comes songs about sex, love and the ups and downs of life. When listening to her album for the first time many of the songs quickly blend right into each other so much so that the album becomes a rather cohesive piece of audible art. It was arguably Halsey’s intention that the album be considered somewhat of a concept album.

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Out of the 16 songs on the album New Americana has come out a strong winner with its powerful production and catchy chorus. It resembles the other worldly sounds of “National Anthem” by Lana Del Rey. Ghost is delicate and hauntingly beautiful, her vocal performance is particularly powerful here. Meanwhile, Hurricane takes you on ambient expedition through the BADLANDS –  in our eyes it’s one of the best written songs on the album with extremely descriptive imagery.

Ghost and Roman Holiday are probably the most up beat and commercial we can expect Halsey to sound (at least for now) although her lyrics still showcase her hearbreak and search for a getaway. Haunting has an 80’s style production while her flow and melody have a surprisingly English house feel – a song that sounds like it could even possibly have made Taylor Swift’s recent album 1989.

If you’re looking for classic Halsey tracks that resemble her EP then check out Castle, Hold Me Down, Gasoline and Walk The Line! Generally the album is very well produced and it feels like a full chapter of Halsey’s life where many fans will relate to her struggles and real life torments. We aren’t sure if any songs on here are quite as epic as Empty Gold but this album will definitely go down as one of the best releases of the year, and as a whole will probably influence many future artists. Halsey has many stories to tell and with BADLANDS she makes damn sure you’re going to listen to every last word.



Artist: Halsey


Label: Astralwerks (UMG)

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