Music Review | Revival by Selena Gomez
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Selena Gomez recently released details regarding the rumours of her attending rehab last year and announced that she was actually fighting Lupus by undergoing chemotherapy. As we can imagine in many ways her new album Revival is all about her youthful soul reaching new levels and therefore proving herself to be above the critics and gossip.

With Justin Bieber also releasing his own album during the same period of time many have been wondering if both have more in common than just their past relationship, but also some kind of new goal and height to reach with their on and off again music career that alternately goes from bad to good.
Selena has spent the past few weeks releasing different songs from her album that are showcasing a much more mature sound than many are used to, perhaps in an attempt to make some forget she was ever a Disney star. With the brave new album cover featuring Selena as bare as ever we couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps this album would be all publicity driven and not that good, or whether it would have the kind of depth and brilliant new energy she desperately needs at this point in her career – a revival.

 Energy she’s got, and it’s electric. Selena Gomez’s album is filled with catchy electro house hipster productions everywhere from Kill Em With Kindness, Hands To Myself and Survivors which will in our opinion definitely be a club hit. Unlike any of her past albums Gomez is more vocally exposed with a more organic sound, with lots of space and reverb. A lot of the slower tracks on the album such as Nobody and Sober really bring out a beautifully dark tone that is highly addictive and dangerous.

With three singles already rotating around the charts (Same Old Love, Good For You and Me & The Rhythm), it’s hard to think that her album could possibly have anymore singles left on it to release – but there’s actually plenty of directions and tracks for Selena to explore in the next month which will probably showcase even more of her edgy side.
Artist: Selena Gomez
Album: Revival
Label: Interscope Records (UMG)
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