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Big Sean has pulled in just about every favour he is owed for Dark Sky Paradise. And it’s kind of worked.

This album’s success shouldn’t rely solely on it’s superstar features, or media buzz – but more Big Sean’s lyrics and delivery. It is a varied album, where it even features his current girlfriend Ariana Grande! This is the third album from Detroit rapper Big Sean following a disappointing second offering. They say third time lucky, but we’re not sure it’s always true. However, Sean has shown some restraint previously unheard on Dark Sky Paradise.

Overall the album Dark Sky Paradise predictably has it’s stormy, aggressive moments and other times it offers a fresh perspective and insight on many current and relevant themes including Instagram and the assets of wannabe Kim K’s. Dark Sky Paradise is brave and pretty raw considering he’s 100% in the spotlight right now. The weight of this album can fall fairly heavy on your shoulders with the general ranting and language. But if that’s your thing, this is for you.

Kanye West handled production as an executive on this album and it shows following his release Yeezus. Other contributors include DJ Mustard and Toronto producer Boi-1da.

The lead single from the album I Don’t Fuck With You ft. E40 features Big Sean as a football quarterback in the music video. It reinforces his tough stance that he won’t be messed with from anybody in this song, especially his ex – who is no doubt enjoying lyrics such as “I don’t give a fuck about you and anything that you do”.

The standout track of the album for us is One Man Can Change The World featuring Kanye West and John Legend. It’s going to big_sean_dark_sky_paradise_deluxe_cover_96give you memories of chilled west coast hip hop, along the same lines as a melodic Tupac ballad.

Much has been made recently of his apparently blossoming relationship with Ariana Grande. Ariana lends her vocals to track six “Research”. This song is reportedly a cutting jab at his ex girlfriend Glee star Naya Rivera, where he claims she was hacking into his “v mails, g mail” and “you saw my emails with CeCe when you wasn’t cc’d”.

Aside from Ariana Grande, Dark Sky Paradise has many heavy hitter features including Nicki Minaj, Drake, Chris Brown & Kanye West. His relationship and the features have no doubt helped with the promotion and buzz surrounding Dark Sky Paradise.

Props to the collabs, but it’d have been good to hear an album more focussed on Big Sean, as it can easily come off that he’s not strong enough to stand alone without his high profile friends. At this point, one of the main things that will stick with you is Chris Brown’s contribution to Play No Games, where he comes in singing “I want you to take me serious”. We can confirm that we take him a lot more seriously than this album generally.

Artist: Big Sean

Album: Dark Sky Paradise

Label: Def Jam/GOOD Music – 2015

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