The new Melanie Martinez song ‘Soap’ is as steamy and hot as your morning shower and we can’t get enough of this insanely talented singer and her sad doll face!

Melanie Martinez Soap

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When it comes to pop, there’s definitely a new scene breaking the rules of classic structure – all the way down to the vocal and instrumental production. There is a darker, more desperate and hungry for a better day generation of pop girls out there right now and Melanie Martinez is the one to watch very closely this year.

Unlike some artists that can come across as rather fake, and too try hard following hipster trends of “budget” style videos and “Bedroom Demo” style tracks, there isn’t many who get it right in the end. Those that do will win hard in the long run! Melanie Martinez is absolutely intriguing from her looks to her lyrical delivery and almost theatrical performances. Fans are loving her self conflicted mind and her interpretation of daily problems. She’s relatable, speaks from a real places and speaks to the current generation of music fans. Even Elle Magazine can’t get enough of her! Melanie’s vocals on Soap showcase her breathy and spacey intergalactic tone, resembling a darker Ellie Goulding and Lights, while the production remains complex with it’s beautiful and cloudy melodies.

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