LÉON is the beautiful Swedish singer that Katy Perry tweeted about a few weeks ago. She is truly one talented singer songwriter that you NEED to be following and listening to this fall!

LÉON-katy-perry-nobody-caresLÉON who is easily recognizable with her ombre hair and strikingly fashionable Instagram posts, is the artist the pop market is waiting for. She’s not only stylish and catchy as hell with her songs like Nobody Cares but she’s also got a true star quality that we haven’t seen in a while. It’s perhaps very similar to what Katy Perry herself had in her early days as well. After the 21-year-old gained huge much momentum with her debut single “Tired Of Talking” it’s become obvious that everyone is dying to get a full length album or EP from her sooner rather than later.

Listen to her recent single below and make sure to follow her on Instagram!