The Queen of Paradise Lana Del Rey has officially released her highly anticipated single Honeymoon from new album due to release sometime this Fall! Listen here. Lana del reySo Lana Del Rey’s last album Ultraviolence had that west coast laid back feel, but now she’s back to her beginning days of cinematic, melodramatic ballads – and it seems to be exactly what fans wanted to hear from the singer.

To many fans, the last album just wasn’t what they expected and was too far removed from the sound they first fell in love with on “Born To Die”. Honeymoon is the title track of her new album and we can’t wait for the full length release. The single is definitely more along the lines of the dramatic and emotional content from her first offering.

The instrumental could strike feelings of a meandering medieval piece of time, with a more organic structure compared to the pop format of her previous songs such as “National Anthem”. This is good news for Lana Del Rey fans who might have fretted about getting a new hit again since the days of Summertime Sadness. Listen to the link below and tweet us to let us know what you think!