Lana Del Rey has released another song from her new album Honeymoon, but this time she wants to get High By The Beach. The only question is do you feel high or low about this new track?

Lana Del Rey has returned to her roots recently for this new album, with slow emotional ballads, cinematic production and breathy spaced out vocals. Honeymoon is due this fall and it’s been interesting to hear so far the direction Lana is heading in and how fans are feeling about her new songs. High By The Beach is definitely more catchy than title track Honeymoon which was released a few weeks ago. It has a strong hook that might be very simple, and delivered very loosely but it is a song considerable depth. We can’t wait to hear what’s next from Lana Del Rey as it seems like she might have a few even more commercial tracks on her album than the two released so far. We think High By The Beach is one step closer to her classic hit “National Anthem”.

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