Justin Bieber is coming out a winner with the highly anticipated video for radio hit “Where Are Ü Now”. Simple and mature, the video interlinks the art of emotions with graphics, paint and more. 

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now music video

Justin Bieber might be cute to millions of girls, but many serious music lovers can cringe when hearing a Bieber song – or worst catching him in a video flirting with the camera or any girl in his radius.

Justin Bieber has grown up though, well at least that’s what they’re trying to portray here with his new song by Skrillex/Diplo production team Jack Ü.

In this video you can see Justin Bieber taking a moment to reflect, as he gets more and more toned and helpless the art kicks in to transform him. Meanwhile the whole scenery with fast speed shots of the city’s buzz constantly moves. The video is probably artistically the best we will see in 2015 from a commercial act, and if Justin keeps throwing this kind of fresh new sound of his he could be getting back on the train to the Grammy Awards.