Following a long absence from awards shows, Justin Bieber returned last night at the VMA’s 2015 and absolutely blew everyone’s minds with a medley of recent songs. 


Beginning his set with Where Are U Now (his collab with Skrillex & Diplo), he showed how physically in shape he is as he easily gave the most energetic performance of the night. Following this he performed chilled celeb backed song What Do You Mean. His vocal performance again was completely on point, and unlike many try hard artists you could feel every word.

This marks the climax of a long comeback trail for Bieber who went slightly off the rails for a long period of time. Many doubted he’d make a return to his best but after last night’s performance only a fool could bet against him. He chose to go for a nondescript outfit where it was all about the music. For much of the performance his black baseball cap obscured his face, which left you to focus on what was important – his undeniable talent.

In one what was one of the most emotional moments in the history of awards shows, Justin broke down sobbing after completely nailing his set to a rapturous standing applause from the entire arena.

Welcome back Justin.