Time to make your New Years resolution to become an artist, singer, songwriter or band in 2016 come true. Here is how you can stand a chance in today’s market. 


Becoming an artist might have sounded completely absurd or impossible before, but with the era of mainstream artists like Britney Spears and Katy Perry slowly fading away, more and more people are turning to the many indie artists out there. With today’s social media trends there are many ways to market yourself to different audiences and reach a level of people that was simply impossible before without the million dollar big budget record label campaigns.

Going Indie doesn’t mean you have to stay indie forever, if anything more and more labels are fishing through a sea of talent and names that are buzzing around the music circuits to sign the ones with the most potential, internet presence, identity, fans and obviously… talent.

To make it as an artist in 2015 it won’t be quite as hard as before since you can become a producer, singer and songwriter that has a high level of success without ever leaving your bedroom or laptop because with the right equipment at home to record, genius branding and marketing skills online and a clear vision of your sound it’s completely possible to break in to the industry.

Beforehand if you weren’t into pop, wasn’t up to Christina Aguilera’s genie in a bottle figure, or didn’t have the budget to record at the best studios then it was basically game over. Now though, many genres have recently emerged and older ones are coming back around (such as UK house) – there’s a possibility that what you’re good at is what the market needs right now. Everything moves at the speed of light with technology and music, the more we get the more we want. The more different, the more different we want – so think outside the box and get prepared to ace your resolution for 2016.

Become an artist in 2016 because you’ve only got one life to live and if there’s anytime to give it a final try it’s now!