September has been one heck of a month for releases and when it comes to music videos we can’t be disappointed because in the last few days several highly anticipated videos surfaced including huge hits like Halsey’s New Americana – we’ve got them all right here!

Although summer has been fairly slow when it comes to releases get ready because fall is here and from the looks of it artists on full beast mode until well after the new year. With albums and singles dropping left and right there’s nothing better to complete an artist’s vision than the music video, and when it comes down to imagery we’ve got to admit that New Americana by Halsey is probably the best video we’ve seen in recent months. With the tropical underground city and warrior mode on point this video almost seemed to be straight out of the Hunger Games. It makes us wish we could get our battle gear on and live in the Badlands too!

Additionally we can’t believe how good Ellie Goulding looks in her video for On My Mind and we truly love the retro feel many of the shots have.

Check out the latest videos below and let us know which one is your favourite!