HALSEY has leaked her own album cover to fans and we’re head over heels for it! If there is one album you won’t be able to resist in stores as soon as you see it – it’s most likely this one!


HALSEY has been fascinating many of us for a while with her striking look, rock n roll fashion and an EP that everyone has been listening to nonstop. But now that she has leaked her new album cover, we want it to come out right now! The album featuring the singer with her signature blue locks is nothing short of intriguing due to it’s natural, desert feel with yet such a futuristic pop culture look. Perhaps this is a hint that the rather mysterious and dark singer-songwriter will be aiming for a few more mainstream hits, due to her rapidly growing fanbase around the world.

HALSEY MUSICNot much is known yet about the album, BUT HALSEY discussed how she feels about her talent in a recent interview with ELLE Magazine  “Yeah, I mean, I write all my own music—I’m a writer at heart. I’m not actually even a very good singer. I’m not. I’m okay with admitting that because some of the best musicians in history weren’t great singers: Patti Smith, Bob Dylan.”

HALSEY INSTAGRAMThe singer has a very honest & vulnerable side to her that makes her relatable compared to many pop artists who constantly have their guards up and want to portray a constant “On Top Of The World” impression. HALSEY said that she actually prefers not having the overbearing pressure of being perfect.  “I can go up on stage and not have to worry about if I sing good because I already kinda can’t. I don’t have to worry about hitting runs and being ridiculous. For me it’s about emotion.”

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