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Little Mix are the biggest girl band in the world at the minute and so as you can imagine the pressure was high for their newest release Get Weird and although critics can be harsh the fans have spoken and there’s no denying that this album is their best so far.

Little Mix have come a long way from their X Factor days in the UK and have become worldwide superstars and the biggest pop girlband of the minute. You might have been hearing a lot about Little Mix in the press for their good looks and style, or their love lives (such as the Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards breakup).

Although many artists in the pop industry today can be a little bit of a scam Little Mix can sing and harmonize better than any other artists out their right now and that is proven time after time with their very raw stripped down performances that rely solely on their vocal chops and stage personalities. Whether you’re a fan of girlbands or boybands or not you can’t take away the talent these girls have which we think is a true testament their current ability. When listening to the album one thing comes to mind generally – this album had some real thought and work behind it and it wasn’t a throwaway release like many other albums of this year. The day before releasing the album we got to talk to Little Mix during their visit to New York and one thing that was very clear was just how much the girls seem to support each other

“I’m quite lucky that I’ve got the girls really, it’d be very hard as a solo artist” says Jesy Nelson.

Get Weird is an album filled with a variety of uptempo pop tracks and styles that are a lot more likely to do well in North America than some of their earlier releases that had a bit more RnB influence. The album has feel good tracks that take your mind for a day out but the girls still take you back down to reality with beautiful ballads that will evoke emotions from the most heartless!

Love Me Or Leave Me is a win for any Little Mix fans who have been following the girls and their relationships. If you forget the press hype and just concentrate on the delivery of the lyrics it’s definitely the best written track on the album. Songs like A.D.I.D.A.S and Grown have that classic English swag with a really mature beat to back up their powerful and playful pop vocals. They come across at times as being flirty and somewhat provocative!

I Love You and Love Me Like You have a different feel from the other songs on the album. They have that retro influence that makes you feel like your playlist consists of S Club 7 and Cindy Lauper. OMG is one of the stronger songs on the album when it comes to being a clear commercial pop hit. The track is slick and radio ready, a lot like the song Little Mix wrote for Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea earlier on this year – Pretty Girls.

Lightning is the dark horse of the album and the girls showcase a new side to their vocals which seems to set off a whole new set of energy and proves that their fire could keep burning into a long lasting success. I Won’t has a happy and break free kind of attitude, and although the band have always been known for their very uptempo feel good songs this track comes off as something a little more realistic, touching closer to home with fans on relatable feelings.

To finish, one of our favourites on the album is Clued Up which has some truly impressive harmonies that sit atop a beautiful, simple stripped down acoustic guitar which proved to us or anyone out there that they are worthy of every last bit of fame and success they have reached. The whopping 16 track album is a must have for any pop fan and especially for any Little Mix followers who will be playing it endlessly on repeat.

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Artist: Little Mix

Album: Get Weird (2015)

Label: Syco Music / Columbia Records / Sony

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