Demi Lovato goes for a sultry pin-up look on her Complex Magazine Cover and the rest of the photoshoot and interview is as steamy as it seems!


Demi Lovato has been the talk of the town this year in music and with her extremely catchy songs, steamy videos and her new found confidence it makes sense to release another ultra hot photoshoot and interview with Complex Magazine before the release of her album Confident.

In her interview with Complex Mag Demi discussed her no longer existing friendship with Selena Gomez and how she thinks Justin Bieber has a new found maturity!

Looks like this Disney girl might have moved on with her career but some of her old ties impact her a lot, especially after discussing how much struggle she’s been through and how she believes it’s a miracle she’s still alive. Demi is more in control of her career and look than ever before and regardless of whether it’s all just a publicity stunt or really how she feels at this time, the in depth interview and naughty and sweet pin-up style photoshoot is worth your time, or at least your lunch break.

Check out the photoshoot below and the full interview at Complex.