Toronto punk rock Band Dead Broke suffer and fight in the alleyways of Toronto to bring us the music video for “Unlovable”!

Dead Broke are the kind of band to make a loud entrance and this video has definitely got people talking! Lead singer Mike spends his time desperately trying to get away from certain torture ahead. We will never quite know what exactly he has done to end up in this alleyway to deserve such punishment but it makes for one hell of a spectacular ride.

The open-ended outcome leaves you begging for answers, and hopes for a potential sequel?! The band’s music producer Crispin Day states “The goons in Dead Broke have a certain brand of chaos. Many of my production processes are tossed aside when I’m working with them so that we can focus on keeping things live and ugly. It’s always fun and always a bit messy”.


If you haven’t seen the video that hit over 5000 views in less than 24 hours on AUX.TV  – check it now below!

You can catch Dead Broke by hitting up a tour date near you this Fall in cities including Ottawa, Toronto and even some sunnier dates in Florida!

Upcoming Tour Dates
Sep 28th – House Of Targ – Ottawa
Sep 29th – Silver Dollar Room – Toronto
Sep 30th – Doors – Hamilton
Oct 28th – Durty Nelly’s – Gainesville FL (THE FEST)
Oct 29th – The Atlantic – Gainesville FL (THE FEST)

Produced by: Part & Parcel Co.

Directed by: Nicole Powell

Director of Photography: Daniel Poirier


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