Music Review | Alessia Cara Live In Toronto - The Modern Amy Winehouse
Alessia Cara won over any doubters with a solid performance at The Rivoli.
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Alessia Cara, the latest “IT” girl signed to Def Jam is more than just an artist from the 6ix. With Taylor Swift, Vogue, Nylon and more giving her praise, seeing her perform in Toronto last night was an essential!

Alessia Cara has managed to go from doing YouTube cover videos in Brampton, Ontario to hitting the jackpot when it comes to record deals.

Def Jam signed the 18 year old and she quickly went on to releasing her runaway first single “Here”. It has caught on like wildfire due to it’s relatable content. MTV called the song “for everyone who secretly hates parties” and it seems like many identify with it as it’s accumulated over 500,000 streams in its first week of release. Two days ago, Alessia’s cover of Bad Blood on BBC Radio 1 went viral thanks to Taylor Swift who tweeted her love for this stripped down and soulful version of her hit. If Alessia wasn’t already on your radar, she should be now! We checked out her Toronto performance at the exclusive Universal Music Showcase.

Alessia Cara Toronto by Toronto Paradise

Alessia Cara: Live In Toronto by Toronto Paradise

Alessia CaraAt 6pm on Thursday night, a few minutes before Alessia was about to hit the stage you could feel the anticipation of many people in the room – something you feel when you’re about to check out a future household name in the industry. She’s a lot like a young Amy Winehouse – Alessia is also half Italian and has that contagious smile and aura that captures everyone’s attention before belting a single lyric. Once she sings you’re completely involved in every second of the performance. She started off the set playing her upcoming songs to an audience filled full of industry people who seemed to be absolutely blown away. Her new songs are similar to her first hit “Here” with the personal lyrical content, powerful vocals and intense emotional breaks. With such  a mature sound it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise that this 18 year old could be nominated for the Grammys in the next couple of years.

Alessia Cara - Photo by Toronto Paradise

Alessia Cara – Photo by Toronto Paradise

After the performance we congratulated her about her success and the Taylor Swift tweet and she seemed to not believe it herself “I saw a Taylor Swift account was following me and I couldn’t believe it was a real one, not just a fan – but then I saw it was her verified account!”. You could tell that for an artist of her age having someone she probably grew up listening to that it meant a lot to receive such brilliant praise. We also got to ask her what Paradise means to her and she promptly responded “Paradise to me is freedom, being free – you know just to be who you want to be and do what you want to do – freedom is everything”. What’s for sure is that Alessia might be a little shocked by all the success and praise she’s receiving, but this isn’t going to be temporary for this girl as we can see her doing big things years from now.

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