VÉRITÉ is the new reality. Music consumers want something new and that’s exactly what this unique singer/songwriter is giving them. 


There isn’t many artists left out there who have enough star quality, talent and courage to be able to speak the truth for themselves, but VÉRITÉ is the real deal and a major player in the new pop/indie scene. VÉRITÉ may very well be amongst the next generation of “IT” girls such as Ryn Weaver, Allie X, and Halsey who have gotten much praise as of late.

Her EP Sentiment was premiered exclusively on TIME.com on Monday June 8th. In a short amount of time, the singer has managed to make many people fall in love with her sound and unique, delicate vocals. With the right amount of freedom, she showcases the power of being indie by creating songs that come from a real place and have a unique production. She is catchy, but her strong artistic integrity remains unspoiled.

It’s a tough mix to get right, but VÉRITÉ has got it damn right as you can see from her latest EP and Soundcloud, with over a million plays on her songs and thousands of followers! She has strong support from major outlets including Billboard and Nylon Magazine!

We got to talk with the striking singer about how she hustled in the beginning on New York’s Bleeker Street handing out CD’s,  the secret behind her artist name and how she’s just given up her regular day job!

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See the full interview below:

1. You have received a lot of attention from major publications such as Buzzed, Nylon, Billboard and many more. How does it feel that people are connecting with the music you’re creating?

It’s literally been a dream. I’ve basically been in awe since I first released Strange Enough.

2. With so many indie artists out there, and a music industry that’s been dominated by female top 40 artists, how difficult would you say it is to stand out as an artist in 2015? Or do you find that with the many social media platforms available it’s now easier?

I haven’t found it to be extremely difficult. Honestly, I don’t put much thought into what others are doing. I mean, I have my moments of comparison but I feel like if I focus on what I’m doing and work on carving my own path that the music and vision will (hopefully) translate and stand out on it’s own.

Photo Credit: @veesander

Photo Credit: @veesander

3. At what point would did you decide that having a career in music was the path for you?

I’ve always been oddly driven when it came to music. Once I had a body of music that felt right I made the decision to go all in.

4. Tell us how you chose your name Vérité? We know it means “truth” in French but why did that name as an artist speak to you specifically?

Cinema vérité is a documentary film style that attempts to portray candid reality. Conceptually, I try to translate my own inner reality when I write. One worded names are easier to remember, but that’s the path my mind took to finalizing the decision.

5. You’re from an hour north of NYC – growing up did you ever think pursuing this career would have been easier if you’d have been raised in Manhattan and part of that scene earlier on?

Not particularly. I was driving into NYC at sixteen to play shows. I had demo CDs and walked around Bleeker St. and passed them out to venues before I realized that email was a thing. Two-thirds of my live band are from my hometown. I think I’ve just created a different scene for myself.

6. Your song Colors is one of our favourites, dark electro pop production, hazy melancholic harmonies with an extremely catchy powerful lead vocal. How involved in the production, mixing & mastering phases do you like to be?

Thank you, I’m stoked you’re into it. I like to be really involved in production, mixing and mastering. Each working relationship is has different intricacies. I generally trust people to do what they are best at and expect them to trust me to do what I’m best at. Everyone’s involved from inception to completion and has their own expertise.


Photo Credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

7. If you had to name 2 artists that you believe have really impacted your path and sound as an artist who would it be?

The Cranberries and Death Cab for Cutie.

8. Tell us a bit more about your new EP! What can we expect to hear from it musically?

This EP came together so organically and sort of quickly. The two remaining tracks leave a little more space while not losing the drive the rest of the tracks have had. Definitely viewing it as a transitional statement.

9. Let us in on who worked on the record with you?

Elliot Jacobson, who I worked on the full first EP with, produced the majority. We got some additional production from Peter Thomas (of Betty Who fame and just killer overall) on Wasteland. I worked with Zach Nicita (of MSMR) on Colors, who has been a really dynamic addition to the developing sound of this project.

10. What was your approach to this release compared to previous songs of yours?Verite Europe

It’s pretty similar. Releasing EPs is strange. They’re these little brief statements that you want to be concise and impactful. I think the approach is finding the best way of getting your point across and heard.

11. We read in a recent interview of yours that even though you’ve been reaching great success and being sent some cool free stuff from brands like Nike that you still have to have a day job and live quite a humble life. What would you tell someone who misunderstands the reality of the music industry today, where it’s not all fme and money even when reaching success

Photo Credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

I like to work. I worked as a waitress (I literally just quit in March!!!) for ten years and have solely funded this project thus far. It’s allowed me to remain independent up to this point and given me full creative freedom in all aspects. For me, it’s less about relying on people or labels to swoop in, fund or take control and more about viewing yourself as a creative entrepreneur starting a small business. I keep my eyes down, hustle and let the results of that be what they are. Free clothes are nice though. No arguments here.

12. Some of the best songs, albums or works of art from artists have been written in the pre fame years, why do you think that is? Is it the frustration and desperation to succeed that made the material undeniably strong?

I think it’s because there are less eyes on the creative work. The less chatter, the more organic the art is going to be. As you add more people to the team, there are going to be more opinions and more pressure to conform to things that are historically successful. It’s definitely an interesting process of maintaining authenticity with those external pressures in place.

13. What are your top 3 festivals you hope to play some day?

Coachella, Glastonbury, and Rock in Rio are three that come to mind. I’m happy with any and all festival activities though.

Photo Credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

Photo Credit: Eric Ryan Anderson

14. What can we expect from you over the next few months, now that your EP has been released?

Expect some live shows and some awkward twitter banter as I start sitting in my own mind for unhealthy amounts of time writing.

15. What is Paradise for you?

Being with people I love while drinking coffee.

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