Miss the days of powerful songs with actual meanings? Rachel Platten is the voice that will stir up some serious emotions deep within you.

The artist behind hit single Fight Song has a fire in her eyes, a message in her songs and a talent that simply cannot be ignored! Rachel Platten doesn’t only look like a star but she performs like she only belongs onstage at the Grammy Awards. There’s something about her that reminds us of Taylor Swift early in her career, where we only wanted to get to know her more and hear her more!

Rachel, who pursued her career in New York who’s now also spending time in LA has big things ahead with her successful EP that’s just released, including her Billboard hit “Fight Song”. She’ll be touring this summer alongside Colbie Caillat and Christina Perri while finishing her length album due to be released sometime in the near future.

After hearing her EP and speaking to her during this interview we can confirm that she’s not only drop dead gorgeous but a true sweetheart that has a star quality even when she’s standing next to George Clooney!

Toronto Paradise chatted with Rachel earlier this week to discuss her EP that’s been setting the iTunes Charts on FIRE!

See the full interview below:

1. Congratulations on your success with your EP that’s just released and the highly successful single Fight Song that’s been watched by over 1.7million on YouTube! How does it feel to see such a great reaction to your music?

Thank you so much! Oh my gosh, it feels like a long time coming! It’s been a hard tough road to get to where I’ve wanted to go, but at the same time I found a way to be happy with whatever level I was at. So, this is like icing – I can’t believe what’s happening. I kind of reached the point where I was like it doesn’t matter what happens I just have to keep making my music!

2. You moved to NYC to pursue your music career, why did you feel NYC compared to LA was the right place for you to develop as an artist?

I’m from Boston and New York City always had this energy and I remember my parents took me when I was nine or ten and I remember driving over the bridge with all the lights thinking “whatever’s going on there I want to be a part of it!” When I first started, New York still had a music scene, since then it’s just kind of been LA for the most part. I really just wanted to be part of the lights, the action and the energy!

Rachel Platten

3. Tell us what it was like working with Canadian producer Jon Levine for your EP?

Yeah he’s actually going to be doing some more on the album too, it’s probably about three quarters done right now! He’s amazing, a wonderful guy. First of all I love Canadians, I have a lot of Canadian friends – really kind open people. They remind me of my mom, she’s southern from Georgia. Jon’s a wonderful person, so incredibly talented and I think he’s going to be a force in the music industry!

4. As a songwriter, can you share with us a time where you thought that things weren’t going so well, but you got through it and “I will prove to everyone that I am good and I will succeed”? 

Yeah sure, I mean It’s funny I don’t do a lot of looking back at those times because I don’t believe in the negative energy and to just be in a state of gratitude for what ever it is you do have. Whenever I feel sad that someone rejected me, that energy never got me very far – it was helpful for writing etc. Even moving through it through just talking to friends. When I got to an incredible place, I’ve always just got there and thought “ahhh this is amazing!”. There’s no darkness attached to it.

5. You have shared the stage with artists such as Lady Gaga, The Fray, Gavin DeGraw and many more. Can you tell us who’s career path do you admire or see as an ideal model for your own? 

I really admire Taylor Swift business wise. She’s does an incredible job building a career where she’s a business woman, and on having a voice in a changing scene – whether it’s on streaming services etc!

Did you like her new music video for Bad Blood?

Yeah I liked it a lot! My first thought was like “oh my gosh this is really expensive!” because I just finished my own music video. It was so amazing and badass – I loved it!Rachel_Platten_George_Clooney

6. We hear that you played during open mics, would book your own shows and even organized some of your own tours. What advice would you give artists who are in the indie scene and want to get signed?

I would say, do not try to get signed – that’s the very last thing that’s gonna get you signed! I’d say be the very best version of you that you possibly can. Become as self sufficient as you can – once you get to the point where you don’t need anyone then everybody comes! But if you are out there saying you need someone, believe me it’s not going to get you the things you need until you declare “Ok don’t have a manager? I’ll be my own manager! Ok don’t have a publicist, I’ll be my own publicist!” I think you have to be in charge and be the boss – it doesn’t really work if you’re just pitching your stuff!

7. You are a talented singer, songwriter but for our female readers who love your style, can you give us your top 3 items that you feel every girl should have right now!? 

Sunglasses, bags & shoes! I’d also say an All Saints Leather Jacket – you can throw it over a little sundress and make it look tough, or you can throw it over fancy clothes for a casual look! A killer pair of sunglasses, but I don’t have a favourite pair I just collect a bunch of them!


8. When you’re not in the studio, touring or writing, what do you love to do? Any surprising talents or hobbies?

Well, I do a lot of yoga – I don’t know if it’s a talent. I love it, I try to do it at least four times a week. I also love playing with my puppies which may be surprising! I think people think of artists and think “oh man they must have the most fun lives!” and the truth is I like to be really relaxed, cuddle with the puppies and do yoga and meditate – kind of a hippie! [Laughs]

9. We hear you are going on tour with Christina Perri this summer can you share with us some fun details and what to expect next from you?

Christina is a really wonderful girl, I’ve known her for a while now – she sends me the sweetest texts. She’s taught me a lot about how to take care of my voice. We’re going to try and do a little duet on tour – she, Colbie & I!

10. What is Paradise to you?

Paradise means radical love, just everyone loving each other, taking care of each other – being compassionate. Being able to live consciously and understanding that we’re all connected!

Rachel Platten- Beating Me Up Art
Rachel Platten

Album: Fight Song EP

Label: Columbia Records/Sony Music Ent.

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