Maripier Morin  is Canada’s most stylish TV host & we just can’t get enough of her!

Montreal based TV host Maripier Morin is now widely considered North America’s favourite cast member on hit show Hockey Wives, where she is engaged to NHL star Brandon Prust.

She’s become one of Canada’s leading TV hosts and has appeared on countless shows including Menage à Trois, District V and the hugely popular Faites Comme Chez Vouz. She’s interviewed celebrities, collaborated with designers, featured on the cover of top fashion magazines and has proven herself a versatile entrepreneur where she runs a successful restaurant in Montreal. Maripier can also be seen in stores nationwide as the face of Revlon Canada and is part of a celebrity campaign for electronics giant LG.

Quebec’s IT girl has a unique combination of beauty, class, style and charisma and you’re going to be seeing a whole lot more of her over the coming year!

See the full interview below:

1. You recently collaborated with Bon Look where you’re creating your own eyewear collection. If you could collaborate with any fashion designer who would it be and why?

There’s so many, I’m obsessed with Yves Saint Laurent. When I want to splurge on something they’re usually my go-to designer. I love YSL, I think it’s so classic and timeless. I may be having my own collaboration with a Montreal designer very soon so I’m really excited about that.

2. Fashion is a big part of your life. Who are some of your ultimate style icons?

I love Emma Stone and Emma Watson, they have different looks but kind of similar. It’s always young, cute and edgy but always timeless and that’s what we try to create with my own style. Patrick Vimbor helps me to be feminine and classy but still with a bit of edge.

3. You have worked on so many different types of TV shows in your career all the way from Realty TV to Morning shows like Menage à Trois to even hosting your own music talent show Faites Comme Chez Vouz. What’s your favourite part of being a TV host? 

There’s a lot of cool things about being a TV host but I think the connection with the people, especially the last one I hosted Faites Comme Chez Vous. I was going to people’s houses so I’d be with their family, friends and people just let me into their privacy so that was an amazing experience. I met so many talented people but also great human beings. A couple of years ago I hosted a show called District V where I was covering TIFF, the Oscars and doing junkets in LA, so I met a lot of movie stars but you realize that they’re just like us. They do extraordinary jobs but it comes down to the person they are, and they’re often amazing.

4. You live in Montreal at the moment but would you ever host on American TV or even here in Toronto?

I would love to, we’re working really hard to try and break that Toronto market. I’d be open to it for sure.

5. You are becoming known for being on Hockey Wives. How would you describe your experience on the show so far?

Well obviously when I got asked to do that I didn’t want to expose myself and my relationship but I thought it was a great opportunity to showcase myself and my career to eventually break into the English market. So it was a little bit selfish of myself but I thought it was kind of cool – I’ve been working on television for over ten years in Quebec and Quebec has such a strong star system. We have our own pop stars, our own movie stars, our own TV hosts and no one knows who we are outside of Quebec, which is kind of strange… but because of the language that’s how it is! So when Hockey Wives asked me to be on the show I thought “Hmm this could be a good opportunity!”

6. You played a Baywatch babe in Simple Plan’s music video last summer featuring Nelly, and David Hasslehoff. What was the best part of doing this video for you? And if you could be in any other artist’s video who would it be and why?

Okay so the best part of being in Simple Plan’s music video was getting my lips to touch Pierre Bouvier’s! [Laughs] They’re really good friends of mine for almost a decade so I thought it was pretty cool of them to ask me to be a part of it. I loved the scenario of the video clip so it was a cool experience… it was my first acting gig! If I could be in anyone else’s video, who would it be? Hmmm maybe Taylor Swift! I love every type of music going from old classic rock from the sixties to pop music from right now to a lot of French music… I love everything!

maripierr morin

7. Many people follow you on Instagram thanks to your 365 days of looks giving girls around the world plenty of inspiration. What is the most difficult thing about doing so many looks and does it ever become hard to find new ideas?

I have the chance to work with one of the best stylists in the world, his name is Patrick Vimbor – we’ve been best friends for ten years. It’s fun because it’s a collaboration, me alone I don’t think I’d have been able to do it because it was so much work. 365 looks that were independent of all the looks we created for TV, so we probably created over a thousand looks last year, which is absolutely crazy! [Laughs] I always give my input into what I like, what my inspirations and so we really do it in a collaborative way. It was challenging but it grew my brand so much, I see sometimes people following from all around the world from places like Sweden so it was an amazing opportunity and I would re-do it tomorrow morning.

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8. What’s your favourite thing about Montreal? It’s got some really great music and festivals!

I own a restaurant, Brandon and I invested about a year and a half ago. I’m probably one of the biggest foodies in the city and I love food, I’m obsessed with it. We’ve lived in New York and Vancouver and we’ve travelled a lot and honestly there’s nothing to be ashamed of with our restaurant scene in Montreal. We have such talented chefs, so I would say food to start with but also the festivals during the summer. It’s such a vibrant city, it goes from Francofolies to the Jazz fest to Just For Laughs. It just never stops so it’s a cool place to be during the summer!

9. When you’re not working what’s your favourite thing to do?

I like to do nothing! [Laughs] I work so much that sometimes I work seven days a week, so when I have a night off you’ll probably find me sitting at the bar of my restaurant inviting some of my friends to come and chill out with me. Either that or I’ll just rent out movies, I love cinema. My favourite actors include Leonardo DiCaprio, he’s just so good in everything he does. I love Julia Roberts, I love Kate Winslet too.

10. What are your top 3 things to have in your closet this spring?

Definitely Gaucho Jeans. I’ll go with a jean jacket as well, as jean is everywhere! Also, some 70’s inspired dress, super flowy in a pastel colour.

11. Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you?

I feel like everybody knows everything about me because of Hockey Wives. Everybody knows that I can’t cook, that I’m terrible in the kitchen, that I sing very poorly! [Laughs] Probably that I’m a neat freak, I can’t go to sleep unless my whole place is clean. It’s not a good thing, it’s a good thing for myself but not for everybody else around me! [Laughs]

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12. You get to travel allot obviously between work and your relationship. What are some of your favourite destinations when it comes to travelling?

Well we got engaged in Italy last summer, I feel like this country will always have a special place in my heart. My roots are Italian, my Grandmother was from the north of Italy so it was a life changing trip. I love warm destinations like Turks & Caicos and Barbados but I feel like I’m ready for a longer trip like Bali or Thailand, I would love to experience that. I’m going to Argentina in a month, I’m so pumped about it. I went to Iceland a couple of years ago too!

13. If you could give any one who wants to be a TV host any advice what would it be?

I think that nowadays television is going through some pretty drastic changes, people don’t watch television the same way they used to. So before I would have said go to school and study journalism or communications and work your way up. Now I would say find your uniqueness and start your own thing online. Start your own YouTube channel or whatever then force people to buy you out! I would say that’s the smartest way to do it.

For interviewing celebrities, the host I worked with on District V told me “When you prepare for an interview try and read as much as you can about the person and keep it all in your brain, and prepare just one question”. It’s because in day to day life you don’t prepare questions, like when you go to dinner with your friends or when you’re talking to people on the street it comes naturally because you’re listening to them. So I would always read and watch everything I could about the person, prepare one question and just listen to them and it’d create some magical moments! You can lose momentum by going back to your questions and can lose the opportunity of the door having been opened by the person you’re interviewing. It’s because you can be too nervous or focused on your own questions then you missed it!

14. What does Paradise mean to you?

I kind of believe in God, so I hope that the life I’m living will send me to Paradise! I think it’s somewhere where all the people I’ve loved through my life and my family members will be when I quit planet earth! Paradise is also by the pool at our house in London with my boyfriend and my dog. Or a massive poutine can also be Paradise for me! [Laughs]

Or all at the same time?!

Exactly! Or all at the same time, eating poutine by my pool in London, in Paradise!

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