Kita Alexander is ready to catch the waves she’s created with her sonically impeccable EP …

There’s no hiding just how soothing hanging out listening to Kita Alexander’s music can be, and there’s no other artist we’d rather be playing while reflecting over the last year & thinking of what’s ahead. Kita is current, cool and mind glowingly powerful, she manages to remain minimalist with her complex thoughts and emotions. The youthful 19 year old has been on the rise over the past year and has been featured and admired by Beats 1, BBC Radio 1, Triple J and Idolator.

The Australian singer songwriter has captured the sound of her late teenage years that makes us dream of the sun kissed adventures in love complete with bright blue skies. She’s so stylish and experimental that we couldn’t help ourselves but want to get a glimpse into her current state of mind!

See the full interview below:

kita alexander

1. You have a beautiful and unique vocal tone, who do you think has inspired you most as an artist when it comes to your sound?

Wow thank you so much. Ever since I was young, stevie nicks vocals have always enchanted me and so I was inspired to find my true sound that would hopefully enchant others. When it comes to the overall sound, the enchanting factor was high on my    Radar to keep present, but I’m inspired by everyday sounds, especially nature.

2. Have you always known music was something you wanted to pursue professionally?

Yep ever since I can remember! First I wanted to be on Broadway, but I can’t dance to save my life, then I wanted to be on high 5 because you don’t have to be able to dance to Impress kids, then finally I gained more confidence in my own solo abilities and new that, that’s what I wanted to do.

kita home

3. Your video for Like You Want To is fun, youthful and dreamy! What was your favourite part of shooting this video?

The cool thing about the video is that it really was just my friend Zach and I hanging out. I think we had 4 weekends of footage of us doing what we’d normally do on days off. It’s really neat now that I can look back on it as a true time in my life, just a fun unplanned memory.

4. The seaside life seems to be a recurring theme in imagery – what is it about the beach that you connect with musically?

I’ve always been connected with the ocean. Whenever I have to clear my head I go to the beach. Once I’m out there swimming or surfing and I’ve cleared my mind, I find musical ideas flow into my head really easily and they’re so overwhelming I have to run back home and write it all down. I suppose the continuity of the sound of the crashing waves, the warmth of the sun and the smell of the water captivates me and puts me into a surreal mediative state and to be able to re write this feeling into music means that I can enjoy the elements of the ocean wherever I am.

kita alexander johnny abegg

5. How has Australia influenced your sound and sense of style?

Australia is the cruisiest and happiest place I know and what I know I write about, so it’s an overwhelming place of inspiration.

6. One thing in your closet you can’t live without is…?


kita alexander urban7. Your Instagram really is a glimpse into your life & it seems like you’ve been travelling a lot! What’s some of you favourite places you’ve been to recently?

I’ve been incredibly lucky lately! My favourite place though was the south of France… I have a weird connection with the place, it feels like home.


8. When it comes to social media, what’s your favourite and least favourite things about it?

Hmm, my favourite thing is I know that in 50 years when I want to remember what I’ve gotten up to, it will be all there, easy access.

Least favourite thing is that it has become such a powerful marketing tool and that once it is up on the internet it’s there forever.

9. What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m a conspiracy theorist.

10. What does Paradise mean to you?

Paradise is a place where you are 100% happy.

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