Despite hailing from a small town by the English seaside – there’s nothing little about Aquilo’s sound. 

With emotionally charged soaring vocals, electric guitars awash with reverb, and a huge cinematic production that even the London Symphony Orchestra would be proud of, it’s no wonder Aquilo are being touted as 2015’s band to watch.

Rolling Stone describes their sound as an “ambient synth rainstorm”.

With show-stopping performances at the legendary Glastonbury Festival (only their fourth ever show!), the production on their single Human being knocked out of the park by SOHN, & a like-ability attained by few – Aquilo are here to stay.

It’s nothing new that England is producing world class artists & pushing ground breaking new genres. It really makes us wonder what exactly is in the UK’s water system. Aquilo sheds some light on this.

Toronto Paradise caught up with Tom & Ben in what is their first ever Canadian interview…

1. You guys began making music together after… tell us more 

We only really started working together when Tom found a song Ben had done on SoundCloud. So despite living right next to each other it was the internet that brought us together.

2. We’re dying to know, what does this unique name Aquilo mean?

We wanted our name to mean something so after weeks of searching we stumbled across the name Aquilo. It’s the ancient Latin name for the God of the North wind.

3. Highlight of your career so far?

The highlight so far would be working with SOHN and playing Glastonbury. It was the first festival we’ve played as a band. An amazing experience.

4. There must be some crazy stories, but what’s your funniest moment on tour/during recording?

We reckon the funniest moment is when a tour manger we worked with got kicked out a festival for having an argument with a security guard. To this day we don’t know really know what it was about but it’s still hilarious. Who gets kicked out a festival?

5. England has always been a powerhouse for innovative music, why do you think this is? 

Aquilo Interview

England has always been great at pushing and raising the bar in-terms of music. I think it helps that Britain is quite small making it easier for artists to collaborate and it’s the clash of ideas that bring it to another level. That’s why we love working with new artists.

6. I can imagine being from the seaside in the UK has influenced your musical style? 

Yeah, Silverdale is an amazing place to have grown up. We’re very lucky to have been brought up there. I think in some ways it has had an impact on our music. It’s funny, we get asked that question all the time. I guess the answer is yes it does influence us but maybe subconsciously.

7. Top 3 weapons in your production arsenal?

We have a very simple set up. I think working with limitations has it’s benefits. So, top 3 weapons would be our Gibson Night Hawk, a midi keyboard and an over priced shaker.

8. You worked with producer SOHN on the track Human, how did that come about and how was it?

We share the same manager. It was a really special experience. He is a genius.

9. Who’s on your iTunes right now?

Listening to a lot of D’Angelo at the moment and Jack Garratt. Also lots of Radiohead.

10. Got any weird rituals before a big show like Glastonbury?

We don’t really have any weird rituals. But we haven’t really been playing live for long so there is always time.

Aquilo: Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher

11. What’s coming up in 2015 that you’re excited about?  Any plans for a North American tour? Please tell your tour manager to include Toronto.

We’re really excited to release an album. If all goes to plan we might be there later this year. Fingers crossed.

12. Where is Paradise for Aquilo?

Paradise for us is in studio. Cut off from everything.

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