Get ready for blast off, because Brooklyn synth duo Great Good Fine Ok are ready to take over the universe with their new EP 2M2H. They will transport you to future space, where the 80’s collides beautifully with ultra modern production.


Great Good Fine Ok just dropped their second EP – It’s an eclectic out of this world mix of sonic landscapes gluing you from the very first listen. Many try and replicate the 80’s vibe today, but few have nailed it quite as well as Great Good Fine Ok. New song Something To Believe In features St Lucia and with such a unique flair and international appeal, this Billboard featured band are going to be starting fires both sonically and with their fashion sense. When interviewing Great Good Fine Ok, we learnt more about the now famous Kimono, where the best BBQ is, and what started their obsession with Space.

Great Good Fine Ok is definitely Something To Believe In.

Check out the full interview below:

1. You guys are based in Brooklyn – what are some of the coolest things about living in such a creative area?

Luke: The best part about living in Brooklyn is that all of our music friends live here too. It’s great to be so close to other people who you can collaborate and share ideas with.

2. You’ve released a new EP entitled 2M2H, was it hard to decide what direction to go in musically – following the success of the Body Diamond EP?

Luke: Most of the songs on 2M2H were done well before Body Diamond was released. There are actually some songs on Body Diamond that were written after songs on 2M2H were written. The songs were just what we were coming up with at the time, we didn’t think too hard about big picture direction. But it kind of worked out that the second EP has a little more “funk” flair to it.

3. The title behind your new EP 2M2H is an abbreviation of Too Much To Handle, which happens be the first song on the track listing. Why does this song define your EP?

Jon: The past year has been a whirlwind for us, and “Too Much To Handle” has become our set closer in live shows and a crowd favorite. The “Ohhhhh” part started to feel like a Great Good Fine Ok anthem, and set an epic tone which perfectly encapsulated the year we’ve had. There is no reason why it is the first song on the EP, but we knew we wanted to name the album in it’s honor.

4. When it comes to authenticity your Body Diamond EP was about as legit as it can get for a true 80s vibe. What made you decide to go for this authentic sound, mixed with modern production? 

Luke: Thanks! 🙂 we didn’t really think about it that much to be honest, we were just making the music that we wanted to hear. I do feel like it is a hybrid of 80s style synth sounds with more modern pop production and sonics.toronto-paradise-great-good-fine-ok1

5. Space is an obvious influence with your visual graphics for both EPs. When listening to the songs, the visuals connect well with the music. As a band, why has Space had such an impact on your music?

Luke: I’ve been obsessed with space since I was a little kid, and a lot of the music that I create has that same sense of expansive cosmic wonder. When I was young, my parents got me this picture of the view of Jupiter from its volcanic moon Io, and it was hanging right above my bed. I would stare at it for ages and wonder what it would be like to experience being on another planet.

6. Talking about space (not galaxies and stars this time), there is a very spacious feel and sound to your vocals with lashings of reverb and delays. How did you develop your distinctive high vocal range and tone?

Jon: I’ve been singing constantly since I was very young, almost entirely in full voice (not falsetto). Once in a while I would whip up to falsetto for some Justin Timberlake-ish cache’ but never attempted to sing that way for a whole song. For some reason I was inspired to sing entirely falsetto when writing “You’re the One for Me” and realized that not only did it feel extremely natural, but that my tone and range was unique.  As far as treating my vocals with reverb and delay, Luke is great at determining where and when it adds something positive.

7. Tell us a bit about the writing process with your band. What usually comes first?

Luke: Most songs start with a pretty fleshed out musical idea (everything but vocals) that I send to Jon and he gets ideas for vocals to go over top of it. He’ll send those back to me and we’ll go back and forth, changing the music and the vocals until we like how it’s sounding!

8. You recently did a collaboration with electro house duo The Chainsmokers on a song called “Let You Go”. How did this collab come about and how did you feel when you heard the final mix? 

Jon: The Chainsmokers reached out to us about collaborating on a song, and being fans of theres, we were honored and down to give it a shot. I really liked the music they sent, and was inspired to pretty quickly write lyrics/melody that I was proud of, and meant a lot to me. The music and form changed quite a bit since the first version, but I love the way it turned out. They did an amazing job.


9. We hear that you rock a kimono on stage and even have a custom made one! Capes are in fashion right now, but perhaps kimonos are next?

Jon: When the band first started I was walking through a thrift shop and saw that first long red kimono. I knew right away that it was the visual representation of the music we were making.  Now I have about 30 so I hope people think they are in fashion!

10. If you went on a east to west coast road trip together on tour, tell us three stops that you would HAVE to make on the way? 

Luke: Asheville to go to the Moog factory, Austin to get some bbq, and Utah to visit the national parks.

Jon: Las Vegas to roll the dice, Colorado to see my brother and his family, and… Austin for the BBQ.

11. Following the release of 2M2H, what can we expect from Great Good Fine Ok over the next year?

Jon: We are constantly writing and have amassed a pretty large selection of demos that will eventually become a full LP.  We definitely want to release more music and tour! We’re just getting started.

12. What’s considered Paradise in Brooklyn?

Luke: My studio 🙂

Jon: Pizza places…any of them.

Artist: Great Good Fine Ok

Album: 2M2H EP

Label: Sony Music Entertainment

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Having recently played KOKO in Camden Town, London UK (where they recreated The Beatles’ famous Abbey Road crossing), they are just about to hit the road for a quick US tour. The tour begins in Indianapolis on March 18th, where they’ll make a stop in LA at the iconic El Rey Theatre on March 25th, then pass through Dallas, Houston & Austin (for the BBQ!) in Texas. The guys will be in country music capital Nashville on April 2nd, then will end the tour on April 3rd in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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