If you’re reading this you’re definitely already going wild about Little Mix’s new album Get Weird! Let’s just say you’re about to go even more crazy in love for this power pop band after reading our Exclusive Interview with Little Mix!

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From the X Factor days to now releasing their third studio album Get Weird the stunning and talented girl band Little Mix have taken over the world and if they’re not currently on your TV screen, you can definitely find them on the radio or in a magazine.

Little Mix is comprised of four truly talented singers who each have unique personalities, styles and enough flare to be an amazing act on their own terms. The fact is that they’ve come together in a truly unique package that is unstoppable.

In less than 24 hours Little Mix has gone from playing on the Ellen Degeneres show in LA to Good Morning America in New York, and that’s just a normal day for these starlets who’re attending signings and touring the world. Of course when it comes to being the Spice Girls of this generation (they’re actually rumoured to be doing a collab with them…) it can come with numerous ups and downs when living in the public eye. Ahead of the album release the tabloids have been discussing Perrie Edwards breakup with former One Direction member Zayn Malik on repeat for weeks.

There’s one thing that’s clear though, these girls don’t need Black Magic to start a fire with their hot new album Get Weird!

We got to chat with Jesy from Little Mix about tour life, a potential Little Mix movie and how she spends her time when she has a day off!

See the full interview below:

1. With your new album, what was it that you wanted to accomplish this time around as a band compared to past albums? 

We’ve always been involved with the songwriting, the last one was very RnB. We kind of did what we wanted really and waited to see what we came up with, then we got Black Magic. There’s all kinds of different songs on the album, there’s a song on there for every one!

little mix pop2. What was the process like behind recording Get Weird? Is there any producers in particular you really enjoyed working with on the project?

We loved working with these guys called Electric who did the majority of the album, they did Hair and Grown, also Black Magic. They were amazing, we were really lucky to work with really good producers over the last year on this album so it was really fun. Everything we recorded was in London.

I’m quite lucky that I’ve got the girls really, it’d be very hard as a solo artist

3. You’re on tour a lot, what’s the one thing that tour life has taught you as a person and as an artist?

Oh gosh, that you really miss home. I get really homesick when I’m on tour – not when I’m in the UK but when I’m in America or Australia. I’m quite lucky that I’ve got the girls really, it’d be very hard as a solo artist. Our friends and family try and come out as much as possible when we’re away which helps.

4. How do you girls stay focused with your busy career and still fit in your personal lives?

When we’re in London and we get some time off we really try to do normal things like sit in our pyjamas, watch telly and eat junk food!
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5. You all have such diverse styles and fun personalities. I think what many are wondering is do you ever battle as to who gets to wear what at awards shows?

Oh no never, we’ve all got completely different styles and we’re all different shapes and sizes so we’re lucky in that sense. So yeah, we never ever ever! [Laughs]

6. You’ve just been in LA – when you’re not in London, which city or place do you feel most at home in?

I would say probably Manchester. Australia as well, Australia’s amazing!

 7. How has England affected your sound as a band?

I think we’ve taken inspiration from the Spice Girls. I feel like Brits are very honest, very sarcastic and there’s a lot of that in our songs.

8. Name one song you wish was a Little Mix song?

Ooh, probably a song by Beyonce!

9. You co-wrote Pretty Girls with Britney and Iggy, what was that collab like for you guys? 

Well they didn’t actually write it, we did! We wrote it with a lady called Maegan Cottone and it was meant to be for our album but it kind of didn’t fit in with the songs that we had. So we thought we’d put it out there and see who wanted it, and Britney Spears wanted it!

10. What’s the best piece of advice an industry insider has given you?

To stay humble, keep your feet on the ground and work really hard and I think that’s what we’ve done and why we’ve stuck around for quite a while.

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Paradise is having time off – sitting in my pyjamas with my fiancee eating a load of Dominos Pizza and watching rubbish TV!

11. What are three things you’d like to see Little Mix do in the coming years?

Ooh, I’d love to do a world tour. I’d love to have a movie and probably just continued success really!

12. Any favourite trends for the holidays?

I love an over the knee boot, skinny jeans and big dresses!

13. What does Paradise mean to you personally and as a band?

Well for me personally Paradise is having time off – sitting in my pyjamas with my fiancee eating a load of Dominos Pizza and watching rubbish TV! [Laughs] As a band Paradise is probably being on tour because we have so much fun and it’s just the best life ever!

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Artist: Little Mix

Album: Get Weird (2015)

Label: Syco Music / Columbia Records / Sony

Buy the album on iTunes.

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