Valerie Broussard Takes In The VIEWS Of Success During Toronto’s Canadian Music Week

Valerie Broussard might be more than just “A Little Wicked” with her latest single being featured on the highly buzzing Fox show Lucifer gaining her over 275,000 plays on Spotify! This Philly girl has that special thing that makes people stop and stare anytime she hits the stage and when she will be performing at Canadian Music Week tomorrow night (May 5th at The Cave) be prepared for some hard hitting pop soul that will leave you daydreaming for days. Valerie has gained some major recognition from several heavyweight media outlets and her recent interview with Galore Magazine just confirms how obsessed people will be as they discover more of her personality and London street style.

Before her CMW showcase we got to talk about Drake, her own Views and upcoming projects – where she told us that she will be debuting a collaboration with Toronto’s very own SAINT GREY.

1. Drake just released his highly anticipated album Views, how does it feel to be in Toronto for your first time? And what’s your favourite place in the world to catch a good view?

Is it cliché that I’ve been listening to that album constantly since I got here? It feels great to be in Toronto. There’s a lot of great music going on here and I’ve been getting some sessions in which has been awesome. As for my favorite place to catch a good view, recently it’s been hiking around LA. One of my best friends and I just did Vasquez rocks the other day, that was gorgeous.

2. You will be performing this Thursday at The Cave. What are you looking most forward to about your performance in Toronto CMW?

First of all it’ll be great to perform in Canada for the first time, but most exciting for me is the fact that I’m debuting a little something I collaborated on with the incredibly talented Toronto-based producer, SAINT GREY.

3. If you could collaborate with any artist from Canada who would it be and why?

Part of me wants to say Drake because I’m a little in love with him…but I would be lying if I didn’t say Rufus Wainwright. He’s such an inspiring songwriter. I’m actually planning to spend my Fourth of July holiday in Montreal to see him play at the jazz festival.

4. As a songwriter do you find yourself most inspired when your travelling or in new cities?

Oh absolutely. I rely on being exposed to new things so I have stuff to write about. Traveling is the best cure for writer’s block!

5. You’re obviously on the road a lot going from London to LA, NYC and the list goes on. What has been one of your favourite studios to work in so far and which one is on your dream list?

I love working at Tileyard Studios in London. The team there has created an incredible environment and the level of talent you bump into wandering those hallways is astronomical. The dream studio right now is Greenhouse in Iceland. It just looks like a lovely place to work and some of my favorite artists have done great work there.

6. You recently were featured in Galore and have released your power pop anthem A Little Wicked. What’s next for you this year – can we expect a new single or any exciting projects you can share with us at this time?

I don’t want to give too much away but I think you can expect a second single if not more…

7. Summer is on it’s way, what’s on your playlist that we should add to our shuffle?

I’ve been jamming out to ‘Loudspeaker’ by MUNA a lot these days, it’s a really empowering track. I was driving through Philly in a convertible when I first heard it so it feels very summery to me.

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