Hailing from beautiful British Columbia, Tyler Shaw just released his new album called ‘Yesterday’. With its beautifully crafted songs all the way from production to lyrics it’s one that you’ll definitely be playing tomorrow and in six months! 


Perhaps if a friend at the University of Prince Edward Island hadn’t persuaded Tyler to enter the nationwide talent search MuchMusic Coca Cola Covers contest in 2012 we wouldn’t have just been treated to the best Canadian album of this year!

Tyler Shaw has been burning up ever since releasing singles left and right in order to keep people’s rapt attention. It’s worked as they’ve been left wanting more, and now they’ve finally got a full length debut album! It seems that this album has a whole lot more depth than most could expect from the average pop release due to Tyler’s interesting folky, acoustic approach to formatting and writing songs. It simply adds a little more reality and power to the record that helps it stand head and shoulders above other similar Canadian releases this year.

Shaw, who has been nominated for a JUNO Award in 2014 for Breakthrough Artist Of The Year has already gone Gold in previous years spending a whopping 22 weeks in the top 10 on radio! He’s sure to reach a whole new level with this new album as he’s worked with some of the best producers and songwriters in the game including Stephen Kozmeniuk (Madonna, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj) and Ryan Stewart (Carly Rae Jepsen). Let’s just say that the end result has been a really solid and timeless album.

We caught up with Tyler Shaw just 24 hours before his big album release “Yesterday” to discuss how much this album means to him, his vision and his approach to the album before hopping on tour with Nick Jonas and Kelly Clarkson this fall!


See the full interview below:

1. Your new album entitled “Yesterday” has just dropped, what do you hope fans take from this album? And what was your initial vision when you started working on this new release?

First of all I really hope that fans take away a personal connection and really connect with songs from the album, one song great but if it’s all of them then even better! For writing this record it actually started way back when I was thirteen or fourteen, I just didn’t really know it then. There’s a song on the album called Yesterday that I wrote when I was fifteen years old and now it’s on the record. So it was really just putting in my visions from when I was younger – my experiences then and up until now basically.

2. You’re originally from BC, would you say that the slick pop production mixed with some of your rootsy folk inspiration is why people really love and appreciate your music, because it still feels real – for example on the tracks Wicked and Showtime?

Totally, I do think that – that’s exactly what I was going for. Pop but staying true to the sound of where I started which was just acoustic guitar and vocals, so a lot of songs on the album are like that. Dizzy however is kind of left of that but I just wanted to show my versatility in my music and show what I can do.

3. You’re going on tour opening for Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas, can fans expect possible surprise collaborations when you hit the stage? What are you most excited about from the Piece by Piece tour?

[Laughs]  I hope there’s some surprise collaborations but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! I’m really excited to just spend some quality time with these artists that are internationally known, have been in the game for quite some time and really know the industry. I’d really love to pick their brains on what advice they can give me and not only that but maybe even co-write with one or both of them!

4. After winning the MUCH Coca Cola Covers contest in 2012 you released the very successful song Kiss Goodnight, and most recently your hit on the radio House of Cards has really caught on with people. As a songwriter why do you think people relate to the ways you describe relationships and life in general?

I mean I like to write songs based off of feeling. I don’t really write to be like “oh let’s write a hit”, let’s write what we feel and then hey if it’s great and you show it to a few people who’re really into it and like “gosh that hits me right in the heart!” then you know you have a little bit of something. Again, whatever you feel – whenever you feel that it’s just a great tune and you can really vibe with it then that’s when you know you have something.

5. Tell us a bit more about  the House of Cards video, how was it shooting such a cool action video? 

It was filmed in Toronto and it was a decent budget so we stepped the game up a little bit. Filming it was really cool, it was really long actually. Two days starting at 4pm and going ’til 7am so it was really long overnight shoots. It was a lot a lot of fun though, acting was kind of fun I’ve never really done something like that before. I guess it came off on camera pretty decently. The whole concept of the video was fantastic!

6. When you were working on this album what were the thoughts going through your head when it came down to deciding what direction you wanted to go – was there certain elements and genres you really wanted to try and touch upon more this time or is there anything you wanted to move away from a little?

I wanted to create my own sound, I didn’t want it to be like “oh that sounds exactly like One Republic” or something like that. I really wanted to just step away and for people to think “that sounds like Tyler Shaw” because now I have my own sound. That’s the vision I had in mind and that’s how I was going in to every writing & production session, with that mentality in mind.


7. In the studio there’s always going to be that one song that seems harder to get just right and the way it was envisioned. What was one of the hardest songs to complete on the album and why?

Hmm, if I had to pick one maybe it’d be Criminal but even then it’s still fantastic the way it is. There was very minimal problems in the production and writing.

8. Let us in a little on the producers you worked with on the album.

There was a bunch of producers on this record but to name a few Stephen Kozmeniuk, Todd Clarke, a bunch of guys – Toronto based, LA based and some down in Nashville. It’s a well rounded album, it’s got a lot of names on it for sure.

9. Dizzy is your recent single, can we expect a music video for this sometime soon?

Absolutely, I actually just filmed it last Sunday! It should be due towards the end of September.

10. What are your top 3 songwriting tips?

One – go with what you feel. Two – try to really express your melodies whether it’s a lyrical melody or musical melody. Three – have fun with it!

11. What is the best advice another musician has given you?

There’s actually two people that have really stuck with me. I met The Script about two summers ago, the lead singer he came up to me and we were talking and he was just like “hey listen when it stops becoming fun, you should quit” – and that really hit home for me just because I’m a true believer in doing what you love. I want to wake up every morning being like “what am I going to create today, what’s on the agenda today?”, I don’t want to wake up everyday being like “I don’t want to get out of bed, I don’t want to go to work” you know what I mean? So I’m lucky enough to have something that I’m passionate about that I can really vibe with.

The lead singer of Hedley Jacob Hoggard taught me a good stage trick. He said right before going on stage to get the heart rate going and you’ll be ok and you’ll have all that energy on stage being tossed out into the audience.

12. What does Paradise mean to you in a sentence?

Paradise means no stress, none. That’s Paradise to me! [Laughs]




Artist: Tyler Shaw

Album: Yesterday

Label: Sony Music Canada

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