Producer GREY has been the talk of the town with his remix of THINGS by Maggie Lindemann getting more than 65 thousand plays in less than a week, not to mention working with Shawn Mendes! 

Producer GREY is the latest name circulating the music scene of Toronto. Capturing the attention of many fans online with his highly popular dark ambient hip hop remix of THINGS by Maggie Lindemann, the 25 year old producer is ready to do big things in 2016. Producer GREY (originally from London UK) has engineered some of the top names in the industry such as One Direction and Imagine Dragons.

He’s been producing on a Shawn Mendes track and as if that wasn’t enough, the Toronto based producer is currently working on his very own projects due to come out in the next few months! With the praise of artists such as BORNS on social media we’ve got a feeling Producer GREY could be joining the line-up of famous acts from “the 6ix”.

See the full interview below:

1. You’re originally from London, how has that city influenced you as a producer and writer? 

London has one of the greatest music scenes in the world. Culturally it’s so diverse and the music really represents that. There’s indie rock, house, grime and all sorts of other genres being mixed together.

2. Why did you feel like Toronto was the place for you to become established and move on from engineering to producing? 

Toronto is one of the most exciting cities in North America for music right now. Many great artists are emerging from here along with more established acts such as Drake, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber etc.

3. What do you think it is about this town that makes it so special creatively? 

It’s an interesting city with it’s own complex but definite personality and sound. I love the summer storms too, inspiring.

4. After attending the same University as Alex Da Kid you went on to record The Live London Sessions by Imagine Dragons. What was that like at the time and did you ever think you would be following in his footsteps by moving to North America to produce?! 

Actually the first time I heard Radioactive was when I was recording it, as they were just on the edge of blowing up in the UK. Really talented band. I always wanted to pursue producing, at the time I was going down the engineering road but being surrounded by talented producers, artists and writers made me want to finally do it myself.

5. Growing up was music always what you wanted to pursue?

I began by playing guitar in my early teens and I’d say from then on music has always been my path. That said, I eventually found that creating in a studio was more for me as opposed to performing on a stage.

6. Who are some artists or producers who have really influenced you as a producer?

I was really influenced by the atmospheric chill and ethnic sounds of Bonobo. On the other side of things I also grew up listening to urban music… gotta love the big choruses of Oasis too.

7. When you’re not recording, producing or writing what do you do?

Probably sleep to be honest, or checking out high end real estate in different cities for fun – I can do that for hours!

8. Your remix of Things by Maggie Lindemann literally caught fire on SoundCloud with over 65 thousand plays in less than a week. Did you expect this kind of reaction to your dark ambient hip hop take on the track?

Yeah it’s kind of crazy, I heard the original and thought I could do something cool with it. I’m glad people like it.

9. Name us 3 artists currently on the chart that you love to work with? 

Rihanna, Drake and X Ambassadors. I have to say I’m also loving the new Justin Bieber & BORNS records.

10. How would you describe your sound in one word? 

GREY. No but seriously, it’s somewhere between darker hip hop and a more top 40 vibe.

SAINT GREY MUSIC11. Favourite pieces of equipment? 

Probably the Maschine, Fender Strat & a Virus Polar TI synth. Despite being a fan of soft synths I’m currently looking into adding a Moog Sub 37 and the Teenage Engineering OP-1 to the team. Always on the hunt for weird and random instruments as well.

12. Dream studio? 

Either Abbey Road or Conway Studios in LA.

13. What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re in LA? 

I really like it down in Malibu. The craziest thing about LA is the constant threat of mountain lions when hiking in the wilderness. Also Lana Del Rey just made the Starline Tours cool with her new album, and I couldn’t agree more – an open top bus cruising through LA is the one.

14. Your Instagram is somewhere between urban and fashionable. The Weeknd and Drake are  known not only for their musicianship but their style, fashion lines and collaborations. If you could collaborate with a brand who would it be and why? 

Being based in Toronto, Roots Canada is probably the big one. Great quality products & designs. In their collabs you can really see the influence of the artist involved. Asides from that it’d be interesting to do something with All Saints.

15. You’re currently working on several projects including one with Shawn Mendes. What can we expect in the next year from SAINT GREY? 

I’m working on my debut EP and collaborating with some great artists and writers. Hopefully some cool releases and more collaborations coming soon! In the meantime, I’ll also be working on some more remixes.

16. What does Paradise mean to you? 

Paradise is getting to produce from my apartment with intense thunder storms outside. Toronto’s lightning puts on a great show from the 23rd floor.
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