Everyone knows the Kardashians and by now everyone knows the Dash Dolls too, especially this DASH DOLL! Meet Durrani Popal. 


Everyone’s recent TV obsession has been DASH Dolls. It follows the life, career and journey of fashionable LA girls who work at the famous Kardashian boutique in Los Angeles. With just enough Kardashian sightings in and out of episodes and the perfect dynamic of stylish, personable girls it seems to have everything to become an all time TV favourite.

The cast features girls who are balancing their own careers and love lives while working at DASH. Durrani has quickly become a star due to her bubbly personality, on point fashion and makeup and relationship storylines. To many Durrani is the next generation, a mini Kim Kardashian in the making and like it or not it’s highly likely she will be reaching a lot of success as Durrani has proven herself a skilled entrepreneur with her jewelry and fashion lines already taking off.

We caught up with Durrani ahead of her high profile Canadian nightclub appearances at the Dragonfly in Niagara Falls on Friday November 20th and Uniun in Toronto on Saturday November 21st. Buy your tickets now!

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1. You’re originally from San Francisco – how has being a west coast California girl impacted your sense of style?

I went to FIDM and learned a lot when I came out to LA. I’ve always been into fashion but living in LA I got to go to the best stores and see the most amazing fashion inspirations.

2. What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m actually shy in person.

3. On Dash Dolls you guys all have such different styles, personalities and passions. Why do you think people enjoy watching the show so much?

The show has something for everyone. Just like you say we are all so different so everyone can find one doll to relate to.  The show is funny but at the same time is real life so people relate.

Durrani Popal Toronto Paradise

4. The best part of being a Dash Doll is…?

Meeting the fans and having the opportunity to do other things such as me having my own fashion line. I’ve been given an amazing opportunity.

5. What are your top 3 tips to be camera ready in 20 minutes?

Contouring, my fav lipstick and mascara.

64532_8UNIUN_durrani_popal_invite6. Who are some of your favourite style icons?

I don’t have any specific icon but I love the color khaki. Right now it’s anything khaki color.

7. You have your own jewelry line, how important is it for you to be creative? Dash carries amazing designer clothes and your brand is actually sold at their locations, how does it feel to see your own creations in such a great boutique?

It’s such an amazing opportunity and I feel so lucky  that my stuff is sold at Dash. Before being a Dash Doll I’ve always wanted to be a designer and went to school for it. So creativity is my blood.

8. For any girls out there who would one day love to have their own business, tell us one thing you wish someone had told you before starting your business?

Don’t ever give up. It could be a long journey but the key is never giving up.

9. The Kardashians have built an entire enterprise, having them around must be very inspiring. Do you think being around successful people pushes you to do even better?

Of course. They are definitely my role models.
durrani khaki

10. What’s your favourite things to do in LA when you have some time off?

Relax and spend time with my doggy Laurant.

11. Who’s on your iTunes playlist these days?

The Weekend!

12. You’re coming to Canada to do several high profile appearances, what are you most looking forward to about visiting Canada?

I’ve heard Canada is amazing and beautiful. But I would have to say for sure the fans.

13. Is there anything else you’d love to try and do in the coming years? What can we expect over the next year from you?

My fashion line is coming out. Stay tuned!

14. What does Paradise mean to you?

Relaxing by a pool or beach with some friends.





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