Dua Lipa is the new dark pop era we’ve been all waiting for! With sick vocal chops and her good looks it’s no wonder this stylish singer songwriter is this year’s breakout artist!

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Dua Lipa is the personification of that girl you see walking down the street and think “wow she’s so cool”. With oversized vintage jackets, sultry retro furs and playful kimonos there is about nothing she can’t wear and that’s just one of many good reasons to completely fall in love with her and to follow her on social media. Dua Lipa has a whole lot more in her basket than just good looks and taste, the English singer songwriter was born with a smokey warm voice that could make the coldest of ice melt. The singer, who has a unique knack of delivering convincing tales, emotions and stories has everything the pop industry has been waiting for. With her darker, ambient hip hop influenced take on pop she might just be the next big music star. Dua Lipa has that unstoppable mindset and considering she’s been nominated in the BBC Sound Of 2016 it’s a pretty good start for a girl who’s only just released her debut singles over the last few months.

We got to talk childhood dreams, making videos, playing dress up and her wish list collabs.

See the full interview below:

1. Over the past few months your career has really taken off, how does it feel to have such a great response to your music

It’s been amazing! I couldn’t have been happier. Especially after working on something for so long people giving me all this support is the best recognition ever!

2. What’s your proudest moment so far?

I have 2 really exciting/proud moments! First one is hearing my song on the radio for the first time and the second is while performing in Berlin hearing and seeing people singing my songs with me was so surreal!
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3. A lot of great artists are coming out of England at the moment, why do you think North America is really digging your sound?

North America likes to partyyyyy haha!

4. You shot your video for Be The One in Soho, London! What’s the best part about the process behind filming music videos? Are you involved in the creative process here as well?

I feel i’m very involved in the creative process I write all the treatments for all my videos first then I send them to my team and Nicole Nodland (The director for both New Love and Be The One) so we can better the idea and plan  it! It’s always so much fun!
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5. You have a really unique style that every girl wants to replicate, where do you find your style inspirations?

I love colour, I love mixing and matching different things. I also feel like having a few statement pieces works. You can always wear all black then a big pink jacket and you’re fine haha!

6. What did you want to be growing up?

A singer! It was always a playground dream but now its become pretty real!

7. You grew up with your father as a musician, what is the best piece of advice he shared with you when you decided to pursue the career of an artist?

Both my parents were very supportive. They taught me not to lose who I am to please others.

8. Who has influenced you most as an artist and who would you collaborate with if you could?

I grew up obsessing over Nelly Furtado and P!NK and now I listen to loads of hiphop! Tons of Kendrick, A$AP Rocky, JCole, Action Bronson etc I’d collab with em all if they’re down!

9. You have a really quirky and stylish Instagram! How much does social media play a part on your relationship with fans?

Social media plays a massive role for me. Its the best platform for me to speak to my fans and be close with them!

10. How important is fashion to you as an artist? Is it another outlet to express yourself?

I love playing dress up. Love fashion. Its always so much fun I believe fashion aswell as many other things is an outlet for me to express myself. Even thinking about videos and shoots helps!
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11. If you could describe your music – you would be the daughter of which famous artists?

You’ve given me the hardest way to describe my sound haha! Its already hard enough trying to find a genre for it (putting my sound in a box sucks haha) I like calling it dark pop. A mix of pop and hiphop.

dua lipa promo12. When do you find yourself most creative and inspired – when you’re going through emotional personal things or when you’re happy and on top of the world?

Depends on the day but usually more through personal and emotional things.

13. Name one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m a really good speller haha and I make a mean chocolate cake

14. What does Paradise mean to you?

On stage, performing
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