Male celebrities have really been raising the bar when it comes to fashion and style

With social media and aggressive tabloids, more than ever female and male celebrities, actors, artists etc have all eyes on them making it even more important to look “cool” at all times! Men no longer have to only look good on the cover of GQ or on designer ad campaigns to be a fashion icon, and perhaps that’s what has caused such great styles to evolve out of some of these celebrities. As we all know celebs can be very influential, so you can trust that whatever some of these guys are wearing will be in stores or even sold out by now!

With artists such as Kanye West and Justin Timberlake being the designer of their own lines, or artists such as Nick Jonas, Adam Levine, Big Sean, Justin Bieber, dating models or David Beckham dating fashionista’s like Victoria Beckham, it’s no wonder it has finally made men feel less ashamed for enjoying fashion or splurging on style.

Here is 10 guys you must follow on Instagram!

David Beckham


Beckham recently joined the instagram world, and even though it’s been under a month he already has over 5.4 million followers. Immediately after joining everyone in the industry was thrilled of excitement to be able to follow the footballer that is one of hollywoods not only hottest men according to … but he is also the most fashionable. Yes he has been the face and body of many famous ad campagnes  but we think the best part is actually his everyday style. Staying true to what men want to wear, never taking to far but just fashionable enough to give him an edge. Like it or not Beckham can probably teach us a thing or two.

Nick Jonas


Okay, yes he used to be part of the Jonas Brothers (well… the band, he’s still a Jonas!) but now don’t be so quick to think he’s just a cheesy boyband member ’cause he’s all grown up now and he’s dating gorgeous former Miss USA model Olivia Culpo. Slick suits, vintage leather jackets, Nick has developed a serious sense of style and has everything to become one of Hollywood’s biggest influence. It doesn’t hurt that with his model girlfriend next to him, it can make him look like a bit of a James Bond candidate.

Harry Styles


Harry has that British attitude we like. With classic trench coats, bandanas and outfits reminiscent of the 70’s and 80’s rock and roll scene, he’s often been compared to Mick Jagger and that’s not a bad thing! Thanks to this guy, wearing some of these clothes is now cool again and with brands such as All Saints, Rag and Bone and more being worn more and more not only by celebrities but by every day guys – it proves that the guys are loving rocking the band shirts and the scruffy long hair look again.

Kim Kardashian


No, Kanye hasn’t joined instagram… just yet. But hey, it’s another great reason to follow Kim Kardashian! Kim is obviously known for being the queen of selfies, sexy photos and more recently she has been showing off Kanye quite a bit – capturing them at events, or while Kanye is working on his new designs for his clothing brand and trainers.  High fashion meets street style, Kanye is definitely someone who influences the masses in music and fashion today and it’s simply worth following Kim for this alone.

Justin Bieber

Justin_BiberJustin Bieber might have had his ups and downs, but the poster boy turned rebel turned nice guy again is making people even more obsessed with his day to day style, considering it’s constantly evolving. Bieber opts for designer sportswear on most occasions but still showcases a pretty cool lifestyle from cars, to mansions to parties and more! Bieber is always hanging out with some kind of model/actress/singer so you can count on him to know what the girls want nowadays!

Imagine Dragons


The biggest band in the world can only wear the coolest things right? Well that’s about right, the members of the band all have a slightly different twist to their rock styles. Most of the guys often wearing dark tones, leather jackets, combat boots and slick shirts. It’s no surprise they have become the go-to guys for anyone who loves a little edge. The members each have some pretty interesting hair styles that are always changing in length, buzz and shape – you’ll never have to ask your barber for any ideas ever again!

Adam Levine


Adam is known for being the lead singer of Maroon 5 as well as the guy every girl wants to be with… Well at least we definitely know for sure that he’s popular amongst the models. Adam has never changed too much from his old days still wearing suits and dressed up shirts, but he’s also seemed to embrace the more band style recently by wearing more loose fitted tops and skinny jeans with a half buzzed kinda hairstyle. Adam definitely shows you the finer things in life through his instagram and you also get to see a glimpse inside his personal life, touring and being a judge on The Voice.

Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran, might not always come off as the coolest dude in the world, but he’s definitely proved every doubter wrong. Embracing his normal guy kind of style and making it cool again to go for simpler, more comfortable things while performing like plaid shirts. Ed is obviously known for being best friends with Taylor Swift, and dated Ellie Goulding (his song Don’t was dedicated to her…) – With his charming sense of humour and his great normal guy appeal over instagram it becomes more like following a very talented friend than a celebrity, and he’s pretty cool for that reason!

Big Sean


Big Sean has been dating the biggest pop star of 2014 – Ariana Grande, and with the very fashionable diva by his side he’s never got the chance to look uncool. With a mixture of luxury and swag incorporated in his outfits the rapper is definitely worth the follow. More fashionable than most rappers out there wearing more designer gear and fresh, fitted clothes he’s definitely found a fan base.

Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake has been a style icon since the “Cry Me a River” days and has ever since gotten more and more praise, year after year, for his good looks and style. Some of Justin’s highlights with the ladies include dating Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz and getting married to Jessica Alba! Being on the cover of many magazines and the designer of successful and renowned brands – It’s no wonder Timberlake has influenced so many of us to get our sexy back.