Remember Charlize Theron? We don’t… After seeing this new Dior Campaign, you will never be able to smell, touch, wear, see this designer brand without visualizing Rihanna’s sultry lips, power hungry walk and hearing the ghostly grime music production!


Scandal sells, and this Rihanna campaign that was released in 4 part teasers aroused everybody’s curiosity and has driven the official campaign to have reached over 1.8million views in just a few days! This might very well end up being the most successful high fashion designer campaign ever seen. Dior is changing things up and other designers should buckle up and pull up their socks ’cause at the speed and strength this video is going, we can expect to see many more high powered artists featuring in Dior’s future campaigns.

You can tell from the very London Grime production that Dior wanted incorporate the new movement & sound of this generation whilst adding some haunting classical violins, with Rihanna’s voice pitch shifted higher and lower to create new melodies and harmonies.

A new kinda glam is here, it’s not pretentious, it’s not cookie cutter and we love it.