Guess what? It’s Friday the 13th and there’s nobody we’d rather talk to than Friday Sydell right now!

When French Montana raps “Came in here and fell in love with a bad bitch” he may well be talking about Friday. She’s an East coast turned Cali girl who is causing a scene in the music industry – she used to battle rap in school and “loves a good private party at the SLS”.

That said, Friday has wit that is sharp as a knife and is well travelled, having seen places many of us can only dream of. Her style is a unique mashup and takes influences everywhere from Brooklyn to Tokyo. We can’t promise you won’t wanna spook her Instagram whilst reading our exclusive interview.

See the full interview below:

1. Originally from Delaware, what made you move to LA?

Growing up in a small town I always had elaborate fantasies about what was really out there waiting to be created. I traveled around searching for my soul city residing in Brooklyn then in Atlanta, ultimately LA was one big magnet for my imagination.

2. If you were the daughter of two famous people, who’d they be and why?

I am definitely the love child of Madonna and Prince, possibly with a guest appearance from Andy Warhol. In a time long before posting half naked pics on the internet, these artists were pushing the envelopes and redefining sexuality and style. I like gestures that make you question and re-evaluate the way things are, and I respect the strength of Madonna for going against the grain.

Friday Sydell Toronto Paradise

3. You used to battle rap in high school? Tell us more.

Delaware lives off of hip hop culture, and during lunch breaks, rap cyphers would form between the high school rap cliques. It looked kind of fun and I decided to hop into an all male cypher and kick a few bars. Needless to say, I held my own.

4. Who was your inspiration during this time?

Growing up on the east coast I would have to say Jay-Z was my biggest rap influence, but now I leave most of the rapping to Drake.

5. Vogue named Tokyo as the coolest place in the world, Toronto’s Queen Street West was 2nd. You’re definitely a leader in fashion and it seems as if you’ve combined Japanese culture with American urban pop culture?

I am lucky enough to have visited both Tokyo and Queen Street West, and I must say while they both offer mind-blowing fashion, style comes from within. As I experience more of the world’s culture I incorporate it into my inspirations, but always come back to my roots.

6. If Toronto becomes Vogue’s number 1, will you accept a Canadian plaid shirt from us as a gift?

Toronto has a special place in my heart, I would gladly accept your plaid shirt! Hahaha

7. How does living in sunny Los Angeles affect your music?

While Los Angeles inspired my debut solo single “High,” I find myself gravitating to dark places to keep my inspiration alive.

8. If a friend had to drop you off on one of the following – Sunset Strip, Rodeo Drive or Melrose, which would it be and why?

Melrose, because it reminds me of a more glamorous version of South street in Philly.


9. You were in Vegas recently, what’s your favourite hotel?

I love a private party at the SLS….

10. We think you’re a lucky girl – but do you believe in Friday the 13th or do you hate that stuff?

I believe there is a lot to be learned from nightmares. Everyone experiences them, both when your sleeping and when you step outside of your comfort zone. If we can teach ourselves and others to face our fears rather than run away from them, we as a human race will gain.

11. Three items of clothes/shoes you can’t live without?

As much as I love fashion, I’d rather be naked.

12. You posted on Twitter @FridaySydell that you’ve been stuck in traffic on the 101 quite a lot lately, what songs are you listening to in these times of need?

I usually write songs to new beats I get when I am coasting a rapid 2mph on the 101. In the event I’m jamming out to my favorites you can bet on a full fledge performance, outfit changes and all while Im driving.

13. In 2015 we can expect Friday to…

I am really excited to share the music I have been working on. In my upcoming releases I will share my experiences of heartbreak, overcoming fears, and finding strength and confidence.

14. Mountain of Chocolate or Mountain of Fruit = Paradise?

Mountain of chocolate for sure….Ive been known to wake up in the middle of the night, eat chocolate then zone back out to bed.

15. You live in California, but where in the world would Paradise be for Friday?

Paradise is in the mind….


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