Haven’t been brave enough to dye your own hair at home before? Well now the dipped dyed hair trend makes it easier to achieve beautiful luscious blue hair. 

Vogue Portugal

Vogue Portugal

Getting that dipped hair style has never been so easy thanks to so many brands out their offering temporary coloring that will last less than a few shampooing. But what if you want the results to last a little longer? Manic Panic has a great solution and is a brand that many love and have had excellent experiences with and let’s not forget its affordability. Although the bottle says to apply bleach to hair many have found that applying it directly to the hair has given them similar results without breaking their hair further with bleach as it can sometimes make your hair fry and shouldn’t really be done unless its by a professional.

This 7 Step dip dyed hair tutorial will give you the fresh look you need without too much money or time wasted. The fun thing about the dye is that it will slowly fade when washing giving you many shades of different colours which will make you want to possibly try a new shade the next time around.

Pick up your favourite shade of Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream.

  1. Start by parting your hair into two or four low ponytails and of course if you’ve got thicker, bigger hair you might want to make more than that until you are sure no random strand of hair is left.
  2. Wear gloves (yes the rubbery type latex one) to dye your hair, not your winter gloves please!
  3.  You will want to take one ponytail at a time and apply the dye more aggressively to the bottom ends of your hair to ensure the color is at its fullest and then take the other hand that you haven’t applied dye to and then twist the hair to ensure the transition between your hair from colored to not is smooth and delicate, rather then clunky.
  4. Keep twisting as this will define the final result and quality of the color on your hair and you want to make sure that there isn’t any little strands left uncoloured. Repeat the process to each ponytail.
  5. Now it’s time to wrap up these ponytails into tinfoil for 10 to 15 minutes for something subtle or 45 minutes for something more prominent. (We recommended leaving it less long if it’s your first time dying your hair)
  6. Wash your hair until there is no more dye seeking from your hair!
  7. You are ready to take on winter with this mermaid look.