Fall is knocking at our doors in less than a month and we can’t help but obsess over all the hot trends we must own ASAP!

Fall trends can be rather tricky for many as it’s a very transitional period of time for our closets. Fortunately, certain things we loved this Summer will mix perfectly into Autumn.

There’s many trends and options this year which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to remain themselves and not go completely goth or rock during the winter months as it can quickly become about dark color pallets and heavily embellished designs incorporating leather, lace and studs. This year though the glam rock look isn’t the one – boho chic, 70’s flirty fringes, romantic baroque style designs and oversized minimalist looks are reigning at the top of the list. This will certainly allow for a fun Fall when it comes to both dressing up and down. Let’s be honest it can be boring to wear the same black on black looks and we promise these Fall trends won’t be anything other than exciting.

Check out our 40 must have essential trends (as seen on the runways), from apparel to accessories – all at an affordable price that won’t make you hate 2015 by next year, we promise!

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