Miami based model Annie Gustafsson has the looks of a Bond Girl with the quirky personality of Cara Delevingne! Realistically, what’s not to love about Annie and her fresh new face?

Annie Gustafsson

The Finnish model signed to Elite caught our attention on Instagram with her exciting behind the scenes photos and her Paradise lifestyle of travelling between Europe, Miami, LA and New York. Annie has been featured in countless fashion and swimwear editorials, we think we she has everything it takes to become a beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angel. We caught up with Annie Gustafsson to find out more about the life of a model in 2015 – the pressure of the industry, funny moments on set & her guilty pleasures!

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1. You go between Miami, LA and NYC – how do these three cities inspire you as a model and a person?

The people I meet are the most influential. People from different places act and think differently, it opens up my mind.

2. Tell us a little about where you’re from!

I’m from a small, Swedish speaking, farming town on the coast of Finland. Finland is my favorite place in the world and my favorite people in the world are there (my grandparents). When the air there hits my lungs I feel like a little girl again on adventure.

an3. At what point did you realize modeling was the career for you?

I didn’t, really. My director Paolo Buonfante at Elite Miami found me in a restaurant and asked if I’d like to come in and meet the team the following Monday. I had just finished my freshman year at FIU, never considered anything like this, but had nothing to lose. I signed with them, and all my bookers at Elite pushed and supported me even though I was a full time student, it’s because of them that Ive grown so much.

4. How important a role do you think Instagram plays in a model’s career today?

In my opinion, celebrities get the big jobs now, so it helps to have a personality attached. The question there is what personality and reputation leads to what type of work and clients.

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5. You take great pics of tropical destinations and sunsets etc, would you ever want to work behind the camera someday as a photographer?

Thank you! I’ve made and studied art all my life, it’s definitely something I enjoy. I’m a visual person with a visual memory. If it transitioned to work I wouldn’t be disappointed, but it’s something fun for me.

6. If you could do a photoshoot anywhere, where would it be and why?

Somewhere breathtaking. Modeling has taken me places I probably would never have taken myself, I’ll ride the wave.


7. If you could be the face of any designer/brand who would it and why?

I don’t want to drop names and jinx myself! I’ll say I’d like to work with someone classic, with a good reputation. It would be a huge compliment.

8. It’s obviously not always fun and games to be a model – how do you deal with the industry pressure and rejections?

I don’t. I take care of my self, body and health. I understand that everyone has his or her own concept of beauty. I cheer for my friends and competition, and try to stay grateful!

9. You do a lot of swim wear shoots, what’s the best shoot you’ve ever done?


Shooting for Montce was amazing. The designer Alexandra Grief is so sweet, and her suits are beautiful. On top of that, I’m good friends now with the photographer who shot the campaign, Joey Wright, he’s amazing and TOO funny. Jude Andam made me look beautiful (makeup). A great team overall and beyond.

10. Tell us an awkward or funny moment from a photoshoot/casting etc that is too good not to share!

Swim week casting 2014… A girl apparently brought her puppy and let it roam around 200+ models waiting, and I ended up with it in my lap nearly crying over how cute it was. Eventually a girl comes up to me and took it away, looking at me like I was a lunatic. I stole her dog.

11. You’re often on the go as a model, tell us how you keep your discipline and stay in shape while on the road?

Eating well can be the hardest. The food on set often isn’t chosen with the model in mind, a lot of bagels and chips, junk food. I actually don’t eat animal product beside honey and pasture raised hen’s eggs, which does not translate well to non-English speaking clients.

I pack a ton of almonds and protein bars, take vitamin C so the flights don’t get me sick, magnesium for travel tummy, melatonin to sleep well away from home, and workout if I have the energy for it : )

12. What is one guilty pleasure you are not willing to give up?

My favorite feeling in the world is to eat so much that I’m stuffed and need to lay down, and sweets. Not giving that up!

13. What can we expect from you over the next year?

As much travel as I can handle, and pictures!

14. What is Paradise to you?

My summer cabin in Finland. Wine, books and sauna. Alone time, and family time. Sunshine, fresh air, and cold ocean water.


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Featured Image source: Ivonne Mexico. All other Images sourced from Annie Gustafsson’s social media accounts.

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