We happened to catch up with Alyssa Riley – a seriously iconic model who is possibly going to become the next 2016 Sports Illustrated girl!

 Alyssa Riley Toronto Paradise

Alyssa Riley is our favourite girl of the moment and as she’s in the running to become a Sports Illustrated model we didn’t want to miss out on the chance to talk with the sweet and sexy Ohio girl! She is currently following in the footsteps of those lucky models before her including Kate Upton! Having worked with elite brands such as Ralph Lauren, Marciano by Guess & Beach Bunny Swimwear we think she’s the perfect candidate for the job.

Alyssa Riley is one of those models where there’s just no questioning her features or beauty. A quick glance at her portfolio and Instagram tells you everything you need to know about Alyssa’s fun and bubbly personality. It becomes rarer and rarer to see a girl and think  “wow this girl has it – she has an iconic look to her” but Alyssa makes everyone envy how perfectly pretty, sensual, classy and fun she is!

During our exclusive interview with the Wilhelmina model we talked rockstars influence on fashion, her craziest photoshoot ever, and her journey with Sports Illustrated so far!

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See the full interview below:

1. You’re originally from Ohio, but as a model you’re always on the go and travelling – how do you find a balance between work and relationships/family?  

I find balance between work and relationships/family in a lot of ways. FaceTime is HUGE!  It allows me to see and catch up with family/friends wherever I am, and I feel like I can in a way take them with me because they can see where I am and what it’s like to be on a shoot.

2. If you weren’t a model what would you be and why?

If I wasn’t a model, I would love to have my own cooking show.  I love to get creative in the kitchen and cook for my friends and family.

3. For aspiring models out there – at what point did you decide modelling was for you and how did you get discovered?

In a way this career choose me, I was scouted in the midwest when I was fourteen years old.  So right as I was beginning high school, I also started to travel and work as a model.  I never really had a moment when I said “this is 100% for me” but  I started to fall in love with the constant traveling and adventure that comes with modeling.  I’m so grateful to have been given such a great opportunity at a young age.

Marciano Alyssa Riley4. You recently did a shoot with Marciano by Guess. Guess is known for their amazing campaigns, who to you has been one of the most iconic models they’ve featured? 

I love working with Guess.  They are such an iconic brand for women because they really emulate the confident sexy women.  Claudia Schiffer to me is the most iconic Guess Girl.

5. Is being a Guess girl something you could see yourself wanting to do?

Totally!  Like I said before, I love what Guess stands for and I think it’s an amazing opportunity for any models career to be able to call yourself a Guess girl.

6. When you get a last minute casting call, tell us 3 things you must do or must have before running out the door. 

The things I never leave home without when I’m running out the door for a casting would be my comp cards, very important.  Chapstick and an iPhone charger,  I would be lost in the city without my navigation app.

7. What are your favourite go to clothing items whenever you’re travelling and on the go? 

My go to travel clothes consist of blue and black skinny jeans.  An assortment of cotton T-shirts and long sleeved shirts for layering (I’m ALWAYS cold)  and usually a leather jacket and black booties.  I try to keep it simple especially when I’m on the go.

 Alyssa Riley

8. What’s your favourite and least favourite part about modelling?

My favorite part about modeling would be the amazing travel opportunities that I’ve been given.  It’s pretty amazing to be able to work in a different country every month or even week!  Also, the people that I’ve met along the way.  There are so many cool and creative people in this industry.

My least favorite part would be the amount of time I’m away from home and family.

 Alyssa Riley Sports Illustrated9. Do you think social media makes it easier to connect and build a fan base as a model in the same way it does for a recording artist? 

I think social media definitely makes it easier to connect with fans as a model and as an artist.  It’s SO crazy how much and how quickly things can and have changed from instagram, twitter, etc.  It gives us an opportunity to reach out to fans directly whether its so answer a question or just to retweet/regram something.

10. We know getting the perfect shot in the name of fashion can come with some hard work which can include rough waves, sand storms, insects, animals etc! What’s the craziest experience you’ve had on a photoshoot?

My craziest experience on a photoshoot would have to be eating a dead scorpion for the cover of Wire Magazine,  they had an assortment of dead bugs to pick from and of course they wanted the biggest one!

11. You are part of the Sports Illustrated 2016 Casting Call…How excited are you about this? What do you think you can bring to the table that’s different from past models?

I’m ecstatic!!!  To be in SI has been a huge dream and goal that I set for my career.  That’s a tough question, I think all of the past and current SI girls bring SO much to the table.  I’ve looked up to a lot of them throughout my career, they are all amazing roll models and have great positive personalities.  I would just hope to add to the brand by encouraging and empowering women and girls to celebrate their bodies!  Positive body image is so important and SI really embodies that.

12. You mentioned during your interview that you love boy bands especially One Direction.  How much influence do you think music has on fashion today?

I did mention that…..to be honest I’m beginning to grow out of the boyband phase lol.   I guess in good time considering the band is breaking up!   I think music has a big influence on fashion because it kind of sets the mood of the era.  Also, going back to social media, I think designers love to see the different styles that musicians rock because it’s inspiring to them.

 Alyssa Riley

13. What’s the best and worst thing to do on a first date?

Best thing to do on a first date is to have an open mind!  Ask a lot of questions and really get to know the person.  The more questions you have, the less awkward silences you will have.  I think the worst thing you can do on a date would be…to not be yourself.  It’s important to stay true to yourself no matter what!

14. Who are your favourite designers currently?

My favorite designers right now are Balmain and classic Chanel.

15. Describe the following places in one word…

L.A – Movies

NYC – Busy


MIAMI – Beauty

PARIS – Romantic


16. What is Paradise to you?

Paradise to me is a secluded beach surrounded by friends and family.  OR being in the mountains, I love the outdoors.  I recently went to Montana and absolutely fell in love, it’s so peaceful to be away from the busy city without cell reception!



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Photos courtesy of Wilhelmina & Alyssa Riley’s Instagram.

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