Jeans are probably your everything in the closet, so why not have more of them?

What started in the 1950’s for cowboys and miners, is a clothing item now being worn all around the world and has become one for the most iconic materials in history. Jeans – invented by Jacob Davis and then later on patented by him and Levi Strauss on May 20th 1873 are the jeans we know today, the legendary brand Levi’s – and some of our favourite items in the closet.


James Dean popularized Jeans during movie Rebel Without a Cause so much that they became banned them in many theatres, schools and restaurants due to it’s “rebel”association! Can you imagine life, school and dates without jeans?! Good thing for us is that Jeans are very much in this year with new items and styles – we are floating on a cloud of denim days and nights right now!

Here are 24 of the best jean looks this year – all under $50 at Forever 21!