Ever wondered how to get that Lana Del Rey poolside vibe for your Instagram? Check out the following perfect pools and locations to make all your friends jealous for months!

The Best Pools In The WorldWhen it comes down to it, anyone who spends more than a little time on social media knows how serious some people can take their posts. It’s become an artistic and creative place to both inspire others and become inspired yourself.

Posting one wrong photo could indefinitely make you uncool, especially if it’s a déjà vu style replica. But hey, even if some of these locations are well known it’s all about capturing the picture in your own unique way. You can’t blame the setting! 😉

1. Ace Hotel, Palm Springs CA

If you want to step back in time to California picture postcards this pool is a legend.

ace hotel pools

 2. McCarren Hotel & Pool, Brooklyn NY

This Graffiti pool is the perfect spot for models.

McCarren Hotel Pools

3. Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood CA

The Old Hollywood Classic. Just iconic really.


4. Loews Hotel, Miami FL

The Perfect Natural Lighting. #NoFilter


5. Thunderbird, Marfa TX

Marfa is one of the most hipster towns in the US with desert art installations. A minimalist pool is what’s cool.

Thunderbird Rooms pools

6. La Valencia Hotel, La Jolla CA

The Ocean is your pool.

La Jolla pools

BONUS: Bates Motel Silver Lake

The most hipster thing about this hotel’s pool is that there is none!