It’s a rare occasion that you meet someone from Hershey, the sweetest town in the USA – but it’s even more special when she’s June 2015’s Playmate Of The Month!

Meet Kaylia Cassandra—a 25-year-old half-Caucasian, half African American model from Hershey, Pennsylvania.

An “up for anything fun” kinda girl is probably what comes to mind after our interview with Kaylia Cassandra. She plays up on the 60’s sass in this month’s edition of Playboy and get this – she loves sports, yet enjoys being treated to a romantic dinner. Best of both worlds? We think so!

Kaylia grew up moving around and travelling a lot, and now that she’s part of the Playboy family a whole lot more excitement is coming her way after her very successful pictorial for this month’s issue. We got to chat with her for a few minutes during her busy press schedule to gain some insight on what it was like to get ready for this big moment and what she’s up to when she’s not busy being the newest bunny in the mansion!

See the full interview below:

1. You’re originally from Hershey – how is it to be from the sweetest town – possibly in the world?

I was born in North Dakota, then I moved to Hershey PA where I reside now! There’s absolutely nothing better, chocolate everywhere – you can’t really beat that!

2. We hear that you love to be active, from sports to hiking! How do you manage to stay fit with a busy schedule?

Well I kinda get to make my own schedule which is really nice, so I plan my fitness things around that! I also have a little labrador puppy named Ryder, so she doesn’t let me sit around so much.

3. If you could go on one road trip this summer, where would you go to, and where would you stop along the way?

Ooh good question. I’m up for anything, so really any place would be a cool adventure for me!

4. Being a Playmate of the Month is somewhat of a legacy, how does it feel to see your cover for the first time?

I think I was in shock, it’s a huge honour to see it and then to see my centrefold is actually amazing.

5. How did you get involved with Playboy to begin with?

There’s a website called Model Mayhem, they were looking for a high fashion model so I contacted Playboy through them. Then Playboy was like “You’re a little too short for this, so come out for a trial and we’ll test you for Playmate”. Unfortunately that year I didn’t make Playmate but Josh Ryan the photographer from Playboy contacted me. I went back out there and did eventually achieve my dream and became Miss June 2015!

5. When you found out your Playboy shoot was 50’s influenced, did you feel like you had to do some studying to prepare for the shoot?

I think I should have, but I just kind of went with the vibe of everything. Everyone there kind of had the idea, the stylists and everyone set me up. After that it was my turn to have a little fun on set and I think the pictures turned out great!

6. For any girls out there that look up to you and want to feel more confident and sexy, what would your top 3 tips be?

Well love yourself, you definitely need that in life.  If someone tells you no, always say yes. Number three – just be you! Be the person that you are!Miss June 2015 Kaylia Cassandra Outake 1

7. And now for any guys out there! What would your dream date be?

My dream date would definitely be something easy going, I’m not big about huge things. Just like a quiet night somewhere, maybe adventuring out to a little restaurant and having dinner for two!

8. If you weren’t a model, what would you be?

Right now I’m going to school to be a medical assistant, so even after modelling I still hope to finish my degree and to become a medical assistant! It’s a 3 or 4 year course.

9. What can we expect from you over this coming year?

My month just came out, so it’s going to be a journey but I’m hoping that some great things happen!

10. What is Paradise to you?

Paradise to me is somewhere you can be with people you enjoy, good food, great drinks and beautiful weather!

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